World AIDS Day – ending the epidemic

World-AIDS-day-6When you look at the facts surrounding the global AIDS epidemic, there are seemingly many reasons for optimism.

More people have access to antiretroviral therapy, which slows the growth of the virus and enables those with HIV to lead normal lives.

  • As of June, 15.8 million people living with HIV were undergoing antiretroviral therapy, up from 13.6 million in June last year
  • 32 per cent of children living with HIV had access to treatment in 2014, up from 14 per cent in 2010


The man who took on the Nazis with a needle

Black and white photo of a smiling POW taken by the Red Cross for his family

The Red Cross took this photo in March 1943 for Alexis’ family

Prisoner of war, top-secret spy and subversive stitcher – Cas certainly lived a full life. But his daughter had no idea about half of it, until she found a mysterious box in the attic.  

Please note: this article contains swear words

An 85-year-old man wanders along a Greek seafront. He looks with interest at an open-air exhibition: huge, blown-up photos of a World War Two battle on this very island from 50 years earlier.

One photo shows a sea of weary men, bracing themselves for years of German capture. Only one face is turned, looking straight at the camera.

The elderly man stops. He lets out a gasp.

At this point in the story, his daughter leans forward to tell me: “He had an extraordinary gift for being photographed.” More

Forget Black Friday – shop for deals on Red Thursday

Black and silver clutch bag by Alexander McQueen

This Alexander McQueen clutch could be yours…

Get your gift list sorted today and avoid Black Friday shopping madness. Check out our discounts, special offers and goodies from the likes of Chanel, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana and Alexander McQueen.

Black Friday is almost here. Stores will slash prices on a handful of items in the run up to Christmas. The best deals disappear fast amidst crowds and chaos. But today, there is another way.

Stress-free festive shopping

Today we’re celebrating Red Thursday in our shops up and down the UK. More

I’m dreaming of a Red Cross Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving – and you can enjoy both through our wide range of Christmas events and shopping opportunities.

Unique and delicious shopping days

Get inspired by the fashion show at the City of London Christmas market or sample Gluhwein and Bratwurst at the Christmas food market in Guildhall Yard. Across town in Kensington, taste some luxurious but fat-free chocolates at the London Christmas Fair.

Want to try your luck in a raffle for a fabulous hamper? Then visit the Hexham Christmas Fair where you can shop for unique presents.

If you love Christmas carols, join us for songs by the Bedford Prep School and Pilgrims School choirs while browsing the stalls at the Bedfordshire Christmas Fair.

And if all of this Christmas shopping makes you feel hungry, stop into a Co-op store ­where their range of festive sandwiches will support us to provide health and social care services in the UK.  More

Refugee crisis: keeping families together

Refugee family with young girlRefugees and migrants are travelling thousands of miles over land and sea to find sanctuary in Europe.

With so many obstacles to overcome, families travelling together inevitably become separated on the road to safety.

As this video highlights, the Red Cross is helping refugees and migrants find missing loved ones and stay in touch with relatives back home through its Restoring Family Links service.


Stop food waste and help hungry families

Red Cross volunteer holding a Fareshare hopping list for Tesco shoppersFrustrated by food waste? Now you can do something simple to help hungry families.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has reduced the nation to tears over a pile of parsnips.

Why? Because these veggies, along with thousands of wonky carrots and misshapen courgettes, were all going to waste.

A staggering 3.9 million tonnes of food are wasted every year by the food and drink industry. Fareshare estimate 10 per cent of this hasn’t gone off – it is still good to eat.

That means enough food to make 800 million meals goes straight in the bin.

That seems mad, doesn’t it? More