A woman in South Sudan holds a huge bag of Red Cross food on her head as two other people stand near her

Red Cross rations are helping to keep people alive in South Sudan – © Alyona Synenko/ICRC

You may have seen the news reports of famine in Africa and the Middle East recently.

Millions of people in four countries are facing relentless, crushing hunger.

Most have not had enough food for months or even years.

Parents are watching their children go hungry.

Here’s how you can help.

South Sudan

The world’s newest country, South Sudan has been torn apart by fighting.

Over 3.4 million people have fled their homes and the land they farmed. Many now live on only what they can forage.

Thousands are at risk of dying from hunger. Many more are facing severe food shortages.

Last year, our partners, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), distributed 950,000 food rations in South Sudan.

We also gave seeds and tools to nearly 234,000 people so they could start farming again.

And because families are camping around river banks, surviving on what they can catch, the Red Cross gave out fishing kits to more than 90,000 people.

Please give to the South Sudan appeal.

A man and two boys push a cart with Red Cross food supplies in Nigeria

In Nigeria, this family got rice, beans, salt and oil at a Red Cross distribution centre – © Adavize Baiye/ICRC

The crisis in Nigeria is one of the world’s most complex and most serious.

Conflict in north-eastern Nigeria has forced around two million people from their homes. Many have fled to neighbouring countries.

Now, over five million people do not have enough food. This includes 2.5 million children under five and their mothers.

Around half a million malnourished children could die if they do not get food and medical care immediately.

In the past year, the Red Cross supplied food to over 1.2 million people in Nigeria.

Donate today to help people in Nigeria and surrounding countries.

A young boy in Somalia lies on a coloured cloth with tubes in his nose and hand while an adult strokes his head

Osman is getting special feeding through his nose at a Red Cross nutrition centre – © Abdikarim Mohemed/ICRC

In Somalia, the problem is drought.

“I simply have no words for this drought,” said Sared Haji Jaama, a mother in Somalia.

The country has had less than half its normal rainfall for two years. Crops have withered and animals have died.

“The people are sick. The children have diarrhoea,” Sared said.

The Red Cross has distributed food and essential household goods to nearly 390,000 people over the past year.

In the coming days, another 100,000 will receive cash to buy food in local markets.

“But the situation is far from over and we are expanding our emergency response to other parts of the country,” said Jordi Raich, the head of ICRC’s Somalia operations.

Our Disaster Fund supports people in crisis wherever and whoever they are.

A damaged concrete building stands in a field surrounded by mountains in Yemen

Terrible fighting in Yemen forced people to leave behind their homes, farms and businesses – ©Khalid Al-Saeed/ICRC

Yemen lies just across the Red Sea from the Horn of Africa.

More people are hungry there – a staggering 14 million – than anywhere else in the world.

Over two million have fled their homes because of ongoing fighting. Two-thirds of them live with host families.

Our partners the ICRC and the Yemen Red Crescent gave rice, beans, lentils and other staples to more than 210,400 people across the country last year.

We also help people who still have some land to farm by distributing seeds and tools.

Support our Yemen Crisis Appeal to help save lives.