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Swishety swish: credit crunch chic


A few weeks ago I was watching a breakfast news programme and was intrigued by a feature on a new fad in the U.S. It would seem that in these difficult economic times, the inhabitants of California’s affluent Orange County are feeling the squeeze. To get their hands on a few notes they have started to hold ‘gold parties’.

These are ostensibly a wealthy woman’s Tupperware party, but instead of swapping their money for a cupboard full of plastic boxes the women of the O.C. are arriving at their friends’ homes with their unwanted gold jewellery and leaving with pockets full of cash. More

You couldn’t pay me…

A successful community fundraising formula for many a year has been the sponsored event. Millions of pounds are raised annually through this ritual, in a veritable smorgasbord of guises.

Sponsored events can be loads of fun but I can’t help feeling that some are more appealing than others. Here are four fundraising ideas I would not be first in line for: More