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How your donations help when disasters strike


The difficult process of recovery has begun in Cumbria following the recent destruction caused by flooding. We think it is really important to emphasise how, with your donations, we were able to respond to the floods and how our funds are used to help when disasters strike. So, here is a brief outline of the way our funds work: More

Pakistan Crisis Appeal


This morning I have been preparing our donation webpage for the Pakistan Crisis Appeal.

It is essential that the Red Cross can respond rapidly when there is an emergency. As I work in the digital fundraising team I am very lucky to have the tools to get in touch with supporters about our appeals very quickly using the internet, emails, social networking sites and blogs, like this one! After all, we couldn’t make a difference without the help of people like you. So please check out the page I’ve put together and donate if you can, or forward the appeal link to your friends and family. More