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Act fast: first aid for treating babies and children with burns


Little girl reaches for a pan on a hobEvery year thousands of children are treated for burns in hospital. It’s an incredibly common injury – especially for under-fives. That’s why all parents and carers need to know how to treat a burn or scald.

If you’ve ever spilt a hot drink over yourself, you’ll know it can make you jump or yelp. Chances are a small spill won’t leave you badly hurt.

But babies and children have much more sensitive skin than you or I. So if they tip a hot drink over, it can be much more serious.  That’s why it’s important to know how to treat a burn or scald. More

How I helped my little boy when he had a seizure


Mother and young son huggingWhen Joanne Riley’s two-year-old son Freddie had a seizure it was one of the scariest moments of her life. Then something kicked in and she knew she had to help him in any way she could. 

To mark World First Aid Day, mum Joanne shares her story and encourages other parents and carers to learn first aid so they can help if a child has a seizure. More

Helping refugees in Europe: your questions answered

Red Cross volunteer distributes relief items to migrants


Find out how you can help desperate refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants who have been forced to flee their homes.

What is the British Red Cross doing?

The British Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal for refugees across Europe.

We’re supporting our partner Red Cross national societies in Italy and Greece. Volunteers and staff there are helping refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants arriving on their shores. More

Burning 7,000 calories a day and still gaining pounds


Ian Mitchell with his medal at the Ride 100 London event

Are you sitting comfortably? Spare a thought for Ian Mitchell – he’s in the saddle right now – pedalling his way from London to Barcelona. 

Ian’s gruelling 1,200 mile bike ride challenge begins today (13 August). It will take ten days and all the grit and determination he has.

Since training began Ian has dropped a stone in weight but the pounds have kept piling in – to his fundraising account that is.

We caught up with Ian before he set off to find out more about the ride and why he’s doing it.


How will you orbit the tower?


The orbit structure

Thrill-seekers are delighted that the ArcelorMittal Orbit, the tower built at the site of the London Olympics, is set to be transformed into the world’s biggest helter-skelter.

But what if you can’t wait for the giant slide to arrive to get your adrenaline fix? You can find your own way down this eye-popping structure with #TeamRedCross.

Ralph Ellis did just that when he took on our Orbit Abseil Challenge. More

How to spot a first aider at a flower show


Flower beds

The sunshine and showers of our great British summer have done their work and gardens across the country are in full bloom. If you’re off to an outdoor event soon, you may see some of our volunteers in action. But would you be able to spot a first aider at a flower show?

The event first aider, member of the primo auxilium species, is a very special breed. While no two are the same, they do share some distinctive features which make them possible to identify – for those in the know.


Get happy – how volunteering can put a smile on your face


British Red Cross supporters enjoy a fundraising event © Joel Chant

Two British Red Cross supporters are celebrated for their smile-spreading work. Find out why they’re on this year’s Happy List and how you can catch the happiness bug yourself.

The Independent on Sunday’s Happy List celebrates 100 unsung heroes who spend their time making life better for others. In doing so, these wonderful people are making the world a happier place to live.

This year two of our volunteers appeared on the list in recognition of their incredible commitment to helping others.