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Ready to go back home?

Hospital-bed-older-ladyOur hospitals provide vital care to elderly and vulnerable patients – but many are then discharged too early and soon start to struggle.

The ongoing care crisis in this country broadened its reach this week, when the Government’s own chief adviser on carers found herself struggling under its impact.

Dame Philippa Russell felt moved to contact a national newspaper after witnessing the distressing experience of a close male relative who had suffered a stroke. More

How do you help a stab victim?

Knife crime is a deadly serious issue for young people – who accounted for over a third of all UK casualties last year. That’s why our new short films will be a big help.

It only takes seconds to stab someone, and just minutes to bleed to death.

That’s perhaps the worst thing about knife injuries: the speed at which everything happens.

Anyone who’s been stabbed needs to be treated immediately – it’s literally a life or death matter. But all too often bystanders don’t know what they should do, and so lives are lost. More

The first aid app with a heartbeat

Heart-iPad-BLOGOur first aid app is now available on iPad and iPad mini tablets – and it even features an audio ‘heartbeat’ to help you during emergencies.

When a British Red Cross boffin suggested creating a first aid app two years ago, colleagues hummed and nodded that yes, that might just be an idea.

Fast forward: more than 700,000 people in the UK have now downloaded the free British Red Cross first aid app, and it has helped people in countless emergency situations across the world.

Previously designed for mobile phones, we’ve now updated the app so it also works with iPad and iPad mini tablets. And it has some snazzy new features. More

What’s life like behind the floods?

A friendly chat with the Red Cross (Cheryl Murray is on the right)

A friendly chat with the Red Cross (Cheryl Murray is on the right)

Imagine not being able to pop to the shops, or even have your rubbish collected – welcome to life on the Somerset Levels. But our volunteers are still getting through.

The view from John and Vera Budge’s kitchen window – a glassy lake reflecting the dramatic winter sky – is picturesque. Just one problem: that’s not a lake. It’s the field right behind their house.

The couple live in Thorney Halt, one of the villages on the Somerset Levels that have been completely cut off by floodwater for almost two months now.


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