Matthew Carter

Writer working with the British Red Cross on issues to do with refugees, asylum and international family tracing.

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Helping refugees on the streets of Athens


athens street walk1

Border closures have left thousands of refugees stranded in Greece. In freezing conditions, many are waiting for news on the streets of Athens. Nigel Ede, a British Red Cross aid worker, joined a team of volunteers to see how they are helping.

I arrive at the family shelter run by the Hellenic Red Cross around 7pm after work. It’s a cold night and I am well wrapped. Aggelos and Alexandra who help manage the family shelter have spent much of the afternoon preparing bags with a blanket, dry food, toiletries and bottled water. Down a narrow stair case in the basement, two large cauldrons of water come to the boil to fill large thermoses lined up on the counter.


Greece: Europe’s road to nowhere



As talks to stop the flow of migrants into Greece continue, more than 1,300 vulnerable people continue to arrive on Greek islands every day. Tens of thousands have been stranded across Greece for the past weeks.

Many of them have made their way north to the border town of Idomeni. They sleep in tents pitched on train tracks in cold winter winds. Queuing, often for hours to get food or use the toilet, some have waited here for weeks in the hope of crossing into Macedonia.