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Jelly and cake: let’s revive a 1940s Christmas tradition


“I know what we had for tea will make you envious: tinned peaches, red and orange jelly, pink and chocolate blancmange followed by iced cake and cream cakes and as much tea as you liked – with sugar in it.”

Meet British teenager John Wilkins, who wrote about his experience of a fantastic afternoon tea during the Second World War. More

Aberfan disaster: how Red Cross volunteers helped a community in shock


British Red Cros teams unload supplies for Aberfan in 1966Even in the days before the internet, news spread fast when a small Welsh village was struck by tragedy in 1966. British Red Cross volunteers arrived in their hundreds to help the local community of Aberfan.

Fifty years after the disaster, read our report of the incident, written in the aftermath.

Disaster strikes

“On Friday October 21st, at about 9.15am, an 800-ft water-logged coal-tip slipped and descended 500 yards, down a mountain-side.

“In an avalanche of greasy slurry it engulfed a farmhouse, an infants and junior school and a terrace of houses in the small village of Aberfan, South Wales.

“The appalling death roll – to date 147, the majority being small children – shocked and stunned the entire world. More

Olympics 1948: when Team GB were the ‘good losers’


Women's 800m hurdles race, London Olympic Games 1948

At the 1948 Olympic Games the world was still reeling from the Second World War. The Games had been cancelled in 1940 and 1944. Rations were still in place. But at short notice London agreed to host the Olympics.

Let’s hear from some of the Red Cross nurses who were on hand to give the athletes first aid. More

Let Twm, the Red Cross therapy dog, brighten your day


Twm the therapy dog from the British Red CrossAll animal lovers know that pets make us feel happier. Whether it’s cuddling a cat or petting a pooch, time with your favourite furry-friend is good for you. It has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure and generally leave you feeling more relaxed.

That’s why we’ve recruited Twm, an adorable eight-year-old Kelpie Collie. More

The volunteers who played a crucial role in the Battle of the Somme

British Red Cross stretcher bearers


During the Battle of the Somme, our volunteers were up to their knees in mud helping the wounded. From carrying casualties and searching for the missing to providing hot water bottles and cigarettes, our volunteers did everything they could to help.

Now you can walk in their memory – or remember your ancestors who served in the war.

As soon as fighting began in July 1916, the army’s first aid teams and stretcher bearers were overwhelmed. They turned to the British Red Cross’ trained volunteers for help.

Alf Collard, who was in charge of the Red Cross team, wrote:

‘On Sunday, July 2nd, when the wounded began to come in in large numbers, we were called upon to provide as many stretcher bearers as we could furnish. I am pleased to say that about 60 orderlies worked all through Sunday night and well into Monday without a stop …’  More