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Ebola, midges and me: Scotland’s nurse who loves a challenge


Marjorie Lee at the end of the West Highland Way that she trekked to raise money for British Red CrossMarjorie has tackled challenges that many of us can only imagine. Less than a year ago, her working day was more extreme than most. Yes, she was a nurse. Yes, she treated patients. But she did it all in our Ebola treatment centre.

Now she’s back home – and looking for new ways to help. Even if it means taking on Scotland’s midges … More

Fireballs, burns and broken bones: why I love volunteering


Red Cross ambulance support volunteer Terry Alexander in front of her emergency vehicleAs you can imagine, Terry has seen a lot in 20 years of first aid volunteering. But last summer was a first.

Terry Alexander was an ambulance volunteer at the Shoreham air show when the plane came down.

“I don’t remember hearing much sound but there was a huge amount of smoke and flames from the explosion,” she recalled. More

Circle of friends: the women supporting women


Mina Mondol at a community meeting in Bangladesh

On a typical day, Dr Sindy Newman sees patients, provides clean water for families in Bangladesh, feeds women refugees in the UK and sets up tents in freezing Mongolia. Then she has lunch.

How can one woman achieve all this in a morning? Well, Sindy is a member of our women-only fundraising group: the Tiffany Circle.

Sindy became the group’s first chair when it began in 2012. Since then, Tiffany Circle members have helped people across the world by funding a whole range of projects.

Sindy explained why she leapt at the chance to join the group. More

Blood and traffic jams: remembering brave ambulance crews at the Battle of Verdun


A First World War British Red Cross ambulance

Blood, gunfire and traffic jams: driving ambulances during World War One took some guts. Yet plenty of brave British Red Cross volunteers were ready to risk their lives helping injured soldiers from all sides.

The Red Cross reported that at the Battle of Verdun “from February 20 to March 6 the work was carried out under conditions of great stress.

“The traffic was so heavy that evacuations could only be proceeded with very slowly.

“It sometimes took two hours to go a distance of one kilometre. A heavy fall of snow added to the confusion.” More

Valentine volunteers: love stories from World War I


A Red Cross VAD nurse marries a First World War soldier in 1918

From flirting soldiers to a tragic marriage, indulge in some love stories from the First World War.

Young Red Cross nurses spent hours on the wards tending to wounded soldiers. The men’s conversations, jokes and songs must have provided a welcome relief from all the cleaning, making beds and gangrenous limbs the nurses had to deal with.

Many patients took a shine to the women who cared for them. Soldiers gave photographs of themselves to the nurses they liked as a memento.

‘A nice young lady’

First World War Red Cross nurse lights a cigarette for a patient More

Zika virus explained


Red Cross volunteers in Colombia talk to a group of localsThe Zika virus is carried by mosquitoes and it is spreading through the Americas. Cases have also been confirmed in several Asian countries.

It is suspected that the virus is the cause of birth defects, such as microcephaly, which results in babies being born with underdeveloped brains.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is worried that the virus is spreading far and fast. It has declared a global public health emergency. 

Here is everything you need to know about this health crisis. More

Crisps, buses and Irish stew: what you need to know to live in the UK


Artwork by schoolchildren welcoming Syrian refugees to BelfastYou’ve survived bombs, disease and death threats. So starting a new life in the UK should be easy, right? But where do you start if you don’t speak fluent English, you’ve never been on a bus and you don’t know what a £5 note is?

British Red Cross volunteer Jessica takes you behind-the-scenes to see how Syrian refugee families are introduced to their new lives when they first step off the plane.

The government has pledged to give 20,000 Syrian refugees a safe home in the UK over the next five years. The first families have already arrived. More

Thank you to our fantastic fundraisers


From generous dentists to the kindness of strangers, beat the January blues with these inspiring stories. Find out how fundraisers are doing their bit to help refugees across the UK.

A very long (and wet) commute
Fundraiser David Farrow on his walk through the countryside to raise money for refugees

David is staying cheerful – despite wet feet

Next time you get on a bus or train, spare a thought for David Farrow. David is commuting every day by foot. The journey takes him three and a half hours. More