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Testament of Youth: a volunteer’s WWI memoir of a lost generation


Man and woman embrace in the main publicity shot for the film Testament of YouthDid you see the film about Red Cross VAD Vera Brittain on the BBC this week? Rebecca McIlhone delves into her memoir, Testament of Youth, to read about love, loss and humanity in desperate times.

Life as a First World War volunteer (or VAD) was tough. Volunteers fulfilled a range of roles from ambulance drivers to cooks but most of the 90,000 were women who signed up as novice nurses.

Early starts, long hours and poor living conditions were just the tip of the iceberg for these raw recruits. Their on-the-job training Vera Brittain describes, in Testament of Youth, as “a baptism of blood and pus”. More

How the Red Cross helps the NHS


Woman greets a volunteer as he brings her shoppingFind out how our fantastic volunteers and years of experience are helping struggling A&E departments.

The pressures on A&E are often in the news, but supporting the NHS is not new to us. In fact the Red Cross has been working in health and social care for more than 30 years. And that experience is paying off. More

Family fortunes: The WWI granny who inspired four generations of fundraisers


Recruitment poster for volunteers from the First World WarWho inspires you in life? A celebrity, a scientist or perhaps a politician? Maybe it’s not someone well-known at all, but an ordinary person who has touched your life in some way, helping you to find your path. For Annie Burton it was her grandmother, Annie Crichton, whose humanitarian values led her to volunteer and work for the British Red Cross, writes Rebecca McIlhone.

Granny Annie – the First World War VAD

Granny Annie was one of 90,000 civilians who served as voluntary aid detachments (VADs) during the First World War. Her role was to nurse injured soldiers, who had returned from the front to be cared for at a hospital in Scotland. More

Daniel’s story: safe burials can help end Ebola


Daniel James stands in front of his Red Cross vehicleDaniel James has overcome a lot of fear to do his job.  His sister begged him not to do it. Even he wasn’t sure he could face the task ahead.

But after ten years of volunteering for the Red Cross, Daniel decided to accept the role of safely burying bodies infected by Ebola.

Please donate now to the Ebola Outbreak Appeal


Tackling Ebola: facts and figures


Ebola stats October 2014

Over 4,000 volunteers are working to:

  • dispel rumours or cultural misconceptions of the disease
  • treat patients at a health centre near Kenema, Sierra Leone
  • bury bodies safely and respectfully
  • highlight the importance of seeking early treatment
  • tackle stigma.

You can support their work to stop the spread of this disease by donating to our Ebola Outbreak Appeal


Tackling Ebola: the Red Cross in numbers

Stats accurate on 14 October

Stats accurate on 14 October

Red Cross staff and volunteers are working in very difficult conditions to stop the spread of Ebola.

Red Cross volunteers from the affected countries are visiting households in their own communities, going from door-to-door to make sure people know what Ebola is, how it can be contracted and how it can be treated.

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