Helping refugees in Europe: your questions answered

Red Cross volunteer distributes relief items to migrants


Find out how you can help desperate refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants who have been forced to flee their homes.

What is the British Red Cross doing?

The British Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal. You can donate to our Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal at

We are supporting our partner Red Cross national societies in Italy and Greece. Staff and volunteers there are helping refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants arriving on their shores. More

These women can bust the refugee and migrant myths in just two minutes

Yesterday we launched a Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal. Not sure whether to give? Let Sabah, Nejmeh and Ameena reveal what life is really like for refugees fleeing Syria.

A woman washing dishes

Sabah ©Wassem Al Bakri/Iraqi Red Crescent

Myth one: “Refugees and migrants all come to Europe”

The truth:

Sabah, 53, travelled across Syria for five days to get to conflict-hit Iraq – a country which is poorer than most in Europe, but hosts far more refugees. More

Yemen: Where you dodge airstrikes and snipers on the way to hospital

Two men carrying another man on a hospital stretcher


Sick and wounded people in the city of Taiz are facing a terrible reality – that their trip to hospital might kill them.

The few hospitals still open in the conflict-hit city are treating many injured people. But the streets are being hit by shells so travelling to hospital is dangerous. And it’s not just the patients who are suffering – medical workers are coming under attack.

Red Cross spokesman Kedir Awol Omar  said: “During the past two weeks, paramedics have had to put themselves in harm’s way, working their way through heavy ground fighting, airstrikes and snipers to reach the wounded. This is unacceptable.” More

In pictures – mobile surgery in South Sudan


Conflict in South Sudan has left communities without access to the most basic of health care.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has five mobile surgical teams in South Sudan.

They travel across the country to support those who desperately need their help.

Since the start of the conflict in December 2013, ICRC medical teams have performed more than 6,000 emergency surgeries.




You won’t believe how long Syria’s conflict has lasted



The conflict in Syria has reached an awful milestone – it is now longer than the First World War.

We helped then, and we’re helping now.

Millions of people have been forced from their homes in Syria. Many will wake up tomorrow without food and clean water.

A lot has changed in the last century – but we are still doing all we can for people caught up in conflict.

Please give to our Syria Crisis Appeal.

Nepal: desperate 11 hour journey for help after miscarriage

© Niki Clark/IFRC

© Niki Clark/IFRC

Dozens of tiny villages dot the mountainsides near Singati, a once-bustling market town devastated by Nepal’s earthquakes.

These communities, some just clusters of five or ten homes, were devastated too. Now the families that built them live in makeshift shelters of tarpaulins and rubble.

The villagers walk for hours to reach the temporary Red Cross clinic in Singati, which sees up to 70 patients a day. The chance to get help and receive medicine – sometimes drugs as basic as aspirin – is worth the long trek.

The team at the clinic includes Dr Johnnes Schad. Shaking his head in disbelief, Dr Schad says: “The day before I arrived a woman who had suffered a miscarriage was brought in to the clinic. Family members carried her in a basket on their backs for 11 hours to get here. Situations like this are common. It is unreal. Just completely unreal.” More