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First aid manual winner!


First aid manual

I was absolutely overwhelmed by the level of responses we had for the first aid manual competition. Over 370 – just staggering. Sadly there can only be one winner, so . . . (drum roll, please!) . . . Brenda Lowe, congratulations on your win and I hope you learn a lot from it. (We’ve sent you an email asking for your address, so please look for an email from

For those of you who are upset at not winning, you can buy the first aid manual from our online shop, along with other great first aid products.


Shock tactics


Katrina has sent me a link to a great road safety video made in south Wales. Its been featured in the Guardian and also on various TV channels throughout the US. The film focuses on the dangers of texting whilst driving, I should warn people its very graphic and not for the faint hearted. There’s also a great article detailing some of the thoughts behind making the film.

Watch the video on Youtube (Graphic content)


How first aid hero helped Gumtree casualty


Casualty-in-roadThere was a horrible story in the news this week – a chap in London went to buy a car from someone he’d contacted through the Gumtree website, but was instead ambushed and stabbed through the heart.

As his attackers fled with the money he’d brought, they left the man dying in the street. The news story goes on to explain:


Win a first aid manual!


First aid manual

The competition has now ended so you can no longer submit your answers, sorry! Find out the answers and the winner.

We’ve got a brand-spanking new first aid manual to give away to one of our lucky blog readers.

Here’s how you win it:

1. Take the quiz below.

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First aid for real on the last day on the road


The last night proved to be eventful for Chris and myself as we came across a lady experiencing chest pains. We found her collapsed on the busy Friday night London Underground.

We treated and cared for the lady, who suffers from angina, staying with her until the ambulance service arrived.

If you have any first aid questions then ask fellow blogger Brad Smith.

It was a bright and early start for the road show team on Saturday. We battled to get through the London traffic! Our destination was in Maidstone Red Cross Centre where we had two groups of young people in the morning and in the afternoon.

It’s been a long week but as I sit on this train on my way home, I feel this road show really has been a success. We have accomplished our missions to meet the most vunerable of young people, we have seen estates that they live in and we have given their communities the confidence to stop and help a mate before it’s really too late.

From all the road show team, we would like to thank you for following our blogs this week.

Tales from the road (day five)


Our travels today took us to Broadwater Farm estate, London.day5pic2

We were teaching local young offenders in our sessions. The groups were small, but this allowed us to really engage with the young people and get them involved! As well as first aid, we played several ‘ice breaker’ games such as pictionary to get them involved. “There were less people but this gave us more quality time with the individual young people” Nathan Hollingsworth (Peer educator, 20) More

Day four of our road show lives


Day four of our road show lives,
Today we have been in Hampshire working with young people from Hermitage housing.

We arrived this morning at Lee on Solent community centre to meet a young enthusiastic group. Their session started off with them having the chance to experience how drugs and drink effect your eye sight and other bodily functions. Dont worry, It was goggles that they were using which simulate how drink and drugs effect you. We linked this with drink driving and it gave them a visual way to understand why people shouldn’t drive under the influence of drugs and alchohol.DSCF0998 - 2

The group interacted really well and our Help a Mate team were pleased about the feedback that we got from the group. In their evaluations at the end of the session comments were left on post-it notes saying ‘I have got more confidence in first aid now’ ‘I would help anyone in the street’

Another comment was also made that said ‘I love the red cross’. When we get feedback from other young people like this it really makes us proud of the work we are doing and what a diffence we are making to vunerable people’s lives.

After this session we took the oportunity to do some outreach work and went to the local skate park where we gave out freebie plasters and spoke to four young daring skaters about how to control a bleed and they shared their experiences with us and then we gave them advice.
The road show is now nearing the end but our work is not over yet so keep your eye on this space