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Tales from the road (day two)


Three tubs of ice cream, 85 miles and one eventful day later…!

Day two of the roadshow took us to a community centre in Harlow, Essex. The centre accommodates homeless young people and helps them find employment and training. We ran two sessions (morning and afternoon) training some of the young people living in the centre. The young people really engaged with the sessions, one person even stayed for the whole day and helped us with the group! More

Rice has its uses in cricket

Three men playing cricket

I played cricket last Sunday for my local village team. And guess what? My first aid skills were put to the test.

One of my teammates, making his debut, opened up our innings. As he was turning for the third run his knee went from under him. He was in agony.

I rushed to my car to grab my first aid kit, then I realised I didn’t have any ice packs. This meant a bit of improvisation was in order. More

Tales from the road (day one)


Peer educator teaches young people how to treat a burn

Hello from Harlow (thats Essex by the way!)

Today was the first day of our Help a Mate roadshow around the southeast. Chris talked about this briefly in a previous post  but to sum up: we’re a team of peer educators travelling around the southeast teaching young people how to deal with road traffic incidents. The sessions we run have been designed by young people and helps them build confidence as we stage a mock car crash.


My special days of the week – Part 4



The Glasgow Festival

I am a first aid volunteer as well as a refugee support volunteer. On weekends, when the refugee unit is closed, I sometimes am on first aid duty.  I get to meet other Red Cross volunteers from different areas. When we are on duty, we always have lots of fun.

I have now been in Glasgow for three years but I did not know about all these local events before I joined the First Aid team. I have been able to see lots of different ones such as games, family fun, sports, concerts, festivals and so many more. More

On your marks, get set, bandage!


Ok, so it’s not quite the Olympics, but this September sees the return of the National First Aid Competition (NAFAC).

Teams of first aiders from around the UK will be battling it out to win the coveted Stanley Shield for 1st place. The winning team will also qualify to represent the British Red Cross at the First Aid Convention in Europe (FACE) in 2010. FACE is an annual gathering of Red Cross volunteers from throughout Europe, with the highlight being an international first aid competition. More

I have a question


What did you do today?

Felt the Monday blues? Enjoyed the sunshine? Had a day off?

A normal day.

Not for everyone. Every day, on average seven people die on our roads. Each year, 28,500 people are seriously injured and many of these casualties are children. roadsafetycrash

The British Red Cross is currently running a campaign called “Help a Mate”. The idea is for peer educators to teach young people in deprived areas how to deal with road traffic collisions. Next week, a team of peer educators (including me!) will be touring the south east visiting various youth and community groups.

Roll up, roll up.. ask your first aid questions here


Woman, blindfoldedAre you in the dark when it comes to first aid?

What’s the best brand of plaster to use? How do I put on a sling? What’s CPR?

Have you got a first aid question, like one of those above? If so, now’s your opportunity to get it answered. As well as offering you some insight into the world of event first aid, first aid training and first aid in general, I’m keen to answer all your questions related to first aid.

So go on – ask away!