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Jools Oliver: who knew first aid was such fun?


JoolsOliver-laughing-BLOGAs our ‘Rapped Up’ first aid campaign for little ones hits the UK, the top celebrity mum explains why she decided it was time to learn life-saving skills.

Accidents always happen when you have children. And with four, I have my hands full.

My youngest, Buddy, has had a few incidents choking on food (due to laughing with his sisters at the dining table), so we always have to watch out.


How to spot a first aider at a flower show


Flower beds

The sunshine and showers of our great British summer have done their work and gardens across the country are in full bloom. If you’re off to an outdoor event soon, you may see some of our volunteers in action. But would you be able to spot a first aider at a flower show?

The event first aider, member of the primo auxilium species, is a very special breed. While no two are the same, they do share some distinctive features which make them possible to identify – for those in the know.


Video: Bling babies drop first aid rhymez


Yo, homies! Make some noise for the British Red Cross’ new first aid campaign for parents and children, which features rapping toddlers. (Yes, we did just say that.)

Mention the words ‘first aid awareness’ to most people, and it’s a fair bet the first thing they think of won’t be a gaggle of rapping babies and children.

Rapped up baby buggy BLOGBut of course, the golden rule for any awareness campaign is get people’s attention. And that’s exactly what our new ‘Rapped up’ campaign does.


Tour de France: blood and bicycles


Bike-two-men-BLOGYesterday’s mass crash showed in grisly detail how much damage can result when cyclists go head-over-handlebar at speed. So here are five first aid tips for all you would-be yellow jersey wearers.

1. Hard shoulder

Bike-shoulder-BLOGWhen parting company with a bike at 35 mph, nothing’s more natural than to stick out your arm as the road comes hurtling towards your face.

But the force of such an impact can wrench your shoulder completely out of its socket. Ouch. More

‘I survived the 7/7 bombings’


Stefan Rousseau/PA

After Jacqui Putnam was caught up in the London Bombings, we helped her deal with the harrowing experience. She became a first aid volunteer with us and has saved many lives. This is her story.


I was in the front carriage on the Edgware Road train when the explosion happened. The bomb was in the next carriage along.

A lot of things happened in a split second. There was a loud bang – a high-pitched crack – and a flash of light, which illuminated hundreds of tiny shards of glass in the air.

The force of the blast travelled forward along the train. I felt immense pressure on my left shoulder which pushed me violently forward in my seat. More

Beat the hot weather: wear a wet t-shirt


Man-in-sea-BLOGHere are a few tips for staying (literally) cool-headed during the heatwave – and why you shouldn’t believe some of those hoary old myths.

1. Wet is better

Wet-tshirt-BLOGYes, really! Heat escapes through the skin, so the larger the area being cooled down, the better.
So forget that old myth about rubbing ice cubes on the wrists to cool the whole body. In baking hot weather, wearing a wet t-shirt – and keeping it wet – can be really effective. More

Wimbledon: the alternative survival guide


Wimbledon-blog-full-sizeIt’s that time of the year again – Wimbledon is here. But it’s not only the players who get injured at big sporting occasions. We take a light-hearted look at the hidden dangers of Britain’s classic summer event .

1. Feeling the burn

Blazing-sun-BLOGThe sun’s blazing down on Murray Mound, and you’re riveted as the unsmiling Scotsman blasts out another scorching game on the big screen. Then it suddenly dawns that you’re sore to the touch and your head looks like a beetroot. Oh, dear. More

Proof that dogs are man’s best friend


Russ-the-dog-and-Natasha-portraitThere were some barking canine antics recently – from a woman who used first aid to save her dog to an owner who was actually saved by his pooch.

It’s meant to be cats, not dogs, that have nine lives. But there’s one Jack Russell in Belfast that has already had at least two snaps at life.

Little Russ was left home alone recently while his owner, British Red Cross worker Natasha Coombes-Liddle, popped out to the shops.

Always hungry, the mischievous pooch used the opportunity to carry out a daring raid on the kitchen bin – but bit off more than he could chew. More