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What’s scarier than jumping out a plane?

Open parachute

I’m not known for my bravery – as my housemates would confirm, given the number of times I’ve asked them to get rid of (possibly deadly) spiders from my room for me.

So I don’t know why, when my colleague Chloe Day asked the other day if I wanted to jump out a plane, I said yes straightaway.

But since I did, I’m officially doing a tandem skydive for the Red Cross in June. So now I’ve got to get on with the bit that really does scare me – raising the sponsorship money. More

You couldn’t pay me…

A successful community fundraising formula for many a year has been the sponsored event. Millions of pounds are raised annually through this ritual, in a veritable smorgasbord of guises.

Sponsored events can be loads of fun but I can’t help feeling that some are more appealing than others. Here are four fundraising ideas I would not be first in line for: More

Have you reached your peak?


Three people walkingThe other night my Mum plied me with wine and then said, quite casually: “Wouldn’t it be fun to do the 3 Peaks Challenge together?”

Now obviously my Mum, aged 63, is not typical. She is probably the fittest person I know and possesses such inexhaustible energy levels, that I sometimes wonder if she’s actually human.

If she’s not cycling to work, she’s playing tennis or rushing around completing chores from her eternal ‘to do’ list. The concept of sitting down and relaxing is an alien one. She also happened to do the 24 Peaks Challenge last year…as you do. More