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How will you orbit the tower?


The orbit structure

Thrill-seekers are delighted that the ArcelorMittal Orbit, the tower built at the site of the London Olympics, is set to be transformed into the world’s biggest helter-skelter.

But what if you can’t wait for the giant slide to arrive to get your adrenaline fix? You can find your own way down this eye-popping structure with #TeamRedCross.

Ralph Ellis did just that when he took on our Orbit Abseil Challenge. More

How to spot a first aider at a flower show


Flower beds

The sunshine and showers of our great British summer have done their work and gardens across the country are in full bloom. If you’re off to an outdoor event soon, you may see some of our volunteers in action. But would you be able to spot a first aider at a flower show?

The event first aider, member of the primo auxilium species, is a very special breed. While no two are the same, they do share some distinctive features which make them possible to identify – for those in the know.


Seven days out to keep the kids happy


Boy and girl run through corn maze (C) iStock

The summer holidays are here. You’re probably pulling out your hair, wondering how to keep the young ones happy – well, read on for some inspiration.

School’s out. We’re heading for the best time of year for children – but a gruelling one for parents. What are you going to do with them? And when will you hear those dreaded words: “I’m bored”?

Fear not. We have seven day trips below, guaranteed to keep the kids happy all summer long: with everything from mazes to steam trains. More

Get the recipe that helped raise thousands for Nepal – and brought back memories of dad

©Sareta Puri

©Sareta Puri

Food blogger Sareta Puri drew on her Nepalese roots to create a mouth-watering fundraising feast.

Check out one of her recipes – and see why we’d love you to get cooking too.

Almost three months after the Nepal earthquake, millions of people still need urgent help. This includes essentials like clean water, food and a safe place to sleep.

What’s more, the arrival of the monsoon rains is making it even harder for them to rebuild their lives.

Across the UK, fundraisers are supporting our Nepal appeal and giving life-saving, life-changing help to people affected by the disaster. More

Biking around Britain: my epic Red Cross journey

A woman stands next to a motorbike

© Carolyne Locher

Aid worker Helen Brown – who was in Nepal when the country was hit by a huge earthquake earlier this year – is riding her trusty motorbike around Britain to raise money for the Red Cross.

During the trip she’ll visit dozens of our offices to learn more about the vital work we do in the UK.

Read highlights from her first four days in the saddle. More

What the truck..? Big Dave’s 16-ton challenge


Truck-challenge-BLOGPeople have done all kinds of wacky things to raise money for the British Red Cross – but even for us, dragging a truck across a car park might just be a first.

Okay: so the skydiving 86-year-old granny was impressive. And that ‘human hamster’ chap who continuously ran around a track for 24 hours was something else.

But in terms of sheer implausibility, Dave Murray’s Herculean challenge – pulling a 16-ton truck for a back-breaking 60 yards – takes some beating. More

Thanks for another brilliant Red Cross Week


Team Red Cross

You did us proud with your fundraising prowess last week – and there’s still plenty of time to send in your life-saving cash.

Red Cross Week may be over for another year, but that doesn’t mean the fun ends here.

You can still get your fix of amazing challenges and events over the coming months: from family-friendly walks to moonlit cycle rides.

In the meantime, let’s look back on what you got up to over six action-packed days.

Hair-raising antics

You certainly pulled out all the stops to raise money. Some of you lost hair, dignity and the ability to sit down in your bid to help out a good cause. More

One man, one week of extraordinary feats


Jonny and schoolkids

What started as a casual chat last year, ended up as ‘Challenge Jonny’: a series of fun and imaginative dares, from dressing up as a frog to going back to school. And Jonny’s doing it all over again for Red Cross Week 2015.

Red Cross Week is a busy time for Jonny Baxter. So far, he’s taken part in a marathon, helped in a pop-up shop and climbed up local Cave Hill for a Red Shoe Walk. And just the other day, he started growing a sponsored moustache – which apparently lost him the respect of most of his peers.

“When I went to the gym and saw my friends, they thought I was making a strange fashion decision,” he says. “Apparently, it was creepy.” More