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Red Cross Week – the fundraising begins!


Red Cross fundraisersRed Cross Week 2014 is well underway and our generous supporters across the country have been busy fundraising for the British Red Cross.

You can still get involved or make a donation today!

Our bucket collectors have been out making the most of the nice bank holiday weekend weather, as this array of Tweets and images show…


Red Cross Week is here, what are you going to do?

Red Cross fundraisers with a collection bucket


Red Cross Week 2014 has kicked off and, with thousands of events taking place across the UK, it promises to be spectacular.

We’re hoping to raise more than £1m, but we need your help! Even if it’s just shaking a collection bucket for an hour, every pound raised will make a huge difference.

Or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, there’s plenty of other ways to get involved.


Lending a hand to two independent women


Pauline Yardley takes after her mother. At 77 years of age, she is active, independent and never sits still for long. Her mother, Hilda, led an active life well past her centenary. Pauline was her mum’s full-time carer until she suffered a fall. In this blog, Beth Finch, health and social care coordinator in Leeds, tells how the Red Cross came to help the two independent women.

The Red Cross helped Pauline Yardley after she suffered a fall

The Red Cross helped Pauline Yardley after she suffered a fall

When we were first told about Pauline, we thought it would be a fairly straight forward case. She was struggling at home having just suffered a fall that resulted in a hip fracture. 

What we didn’t know was that Pauline, then aged 75, was an active, full-time carer for her 104-year-old mother. 


Tour de force – London to Paris in four days


Most people would just catch the Eurostar to go from London to Paris. Not Emma Moonlight. The 28-year-old fancies a challenge. Emma, from Nottingham, will be cycling 300 miles from London to Paris over four days from 23 July. As we gear up to Red Cross Week 2014, Emma tells the emotional story behind her endeavours… 

Picture of Emma on her bike

I know I’m a little crazy when it comes to challenging myself to do slightly extreme things, but I think signing up to cycle from London to Paris just about tops it!

Many of my friends and colleagues say I’m crazy for cycling to work through Nottingham’s horrendous rush hour traffic. In fact, most of them think I’m crazy for cycling eight miles each way, regardless of the traffic.

People who know me a little better, though, think I’m crazy to still be cycling at all. About four years ago my partner was knocked off his bike while commuting home from work. More

UK floods inspire family challenge

Picture of Louise and Jasmine together

Louise and Jasmine will be doing the London Red Shoe Walk together – ©BritishRedCross

There is no finer way to celebrate your birthday than taking part in a Red Shoe Walk with your daughter.

That’s exactly what Louise Mullenger will be doing come May. The 34-year-old will be hitting the streets of London with her 12-year-old daughter Jasmine, who came up with the idea of fundraising for the British Red Cross after seeing the charity’s work during the recent UK floods. More

Bouncing back after a fall – Red Cross lends a hand

Hannah Murray with Red Cross support worker Jane Morrison

Hannah Murray with Red Cross support worker Jane Morrison – ©BritishRedCross

Red Cross Week 2014 is a great opportunity to fundraise for the British Red Cross so we can carry on helping people like Hannah Murray. Read how we helped her and Oscar the kitten… 

“I’ve just been in hospital – I can’t have any work done,” says 82-year-old Hannah Murray when an electrician arrives at her door. 

Hearing her becoming increasingly distressed, Jane Morrison, a visiting British Red Cross support worker, goes to the door to see if she can be of any help.  More

Spring is here – it must be time for Open Gardens

Orchard from Open Gardens 2011.

Credit: Stephen Kennedy

Ever wanted to snoop around someone’s garden? Have a nosey at what the neighbours are up to? Well, now you can, guilt-free – all in the name of charity – as Open Gardens season starts.

Our Open Gardens programme was a huge success last year – and we now have more gardens than ever before.