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UK floods inspire family challenge

Picture of Louise and Jasmine together

Louise and Jasmine will be doing the London Red Shoe Walk together – ©BritishRedCross

There is no finer way to celebrate your birthday than taking part in a Red Shoe Walk with your daughter.

That’s exactly what Louise Mullenger will be doing come May. The 34-year-old will be hitting the streets of London with her 12-year-old daughter Jasmine, who came up with the idea of fundraising for the British Red Cross after seeing the charity’s work during the recent UK floods. More

Bouncing back after a fall – Red Cross lends a hand

Hannah Murray with Red Cross support worker Jane Morrison

Hannah Murray with Red Cross support worker Jane Morrison – ©BritishRedCross

Red Cross Week 2014 is a great opportunity to fundraise for the British Red Cross so we can carry on helping people like Hannah Murray. Read how we helped her and Oscar the kitten… 

“I’ve just been in hospital – I can’t have any work done,” says 82-year-old Hannah Murray when an electrician arrives at her door. 

Hearing her becoming increasingly distressed, Jane Morrison, a visiting British Red Cross support worker, goes to the door to see if she can be of any help.  More

Spring is here – it must be time for Open Gardens

Orchard from Open Gardens 2011.

Credit: Stephen Kennedy

Ever wanted to snoop around someone’s garden? Have a nosey at what the neighbours are up to? Well, now you can, guilt-free – all in the name of charity – as Open Gardens season starts.

Our Open Gardens programme was a huge success last year – and we now have more gardens than ever before.


The dreaded cut – raising money for Red Cross Week

Picture of Jules Alderson getting her dreadlocks cut

Jules Alderson raised more than £1,000 by cutting off her dreadlocks – ©BritishRedCross

At more than three feet long, Jules Alderson’s dreadlocks were eye-catching to say the least.

The result of nearly ten years of careful cultivation, they became part of her identity and also doubled up quite nicely as a handy pillow on Brighton’s pebbled beach.

But after a great deal of consideration, Jules decided to cut them off during last year’s Red Cross Week to raise money for the British Red Cross. More

Typhoon Haiyan appeal fundraising map


Our Typhoon Haiyan appeal has so far raised just over £10 million, including £628,000 collected at Tesco stores.

Thank you so much to all those who have donated or taken part in fundraising activities, your support is so important.

This interactive map features some of the people who have been raising money across the UK to help people in the Philippines. Move your mouse cursor over it to find out more.


Who were the masked maidens?



Updated October 2015

An eccentric gang of masked female philanthropists whose identities remained secret for almost a century – and two of them were Red Cross members.

If you can find a story more battily British than this one, I’ll eat my hat.

In the 1930s, a small group of young aristocratic women decided to raise money to help the National Trust save historic properties that were under threat. So far, so normal.

But rather than just handing over the cash, they instead formed a secret society called Ferguson’s Gang. Then things got really strange. More