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Two interns for the price of one


This has been my lucky day! I drove to Bristol this morning hoping to recruit an intern and ended up taking on two! James and Lily will be working hard over the next three months to co-ordinate the activities that the British Red Cross is planning in Bristol and Swindon to celebrate Refugee Week in June.

Both James and Lily are so enthusiastic about their voluntary internship and the opportunities it will give them. As for me, I’m really pleased that they have agreed to join us – I’m sure that they will have a brilliant time at the Red Cross and will do a fantastic job for us. They will certainly be a huge support to me and my team.

Last year in Refugee Week the Red Cross helped to organise an evening of celebration in Swindon – people from the refugee community entertained members of the public with a fashion show, dancing, singing and a very moving poem about the pain of leaving home. It was a fantastic evening and raised a lot of awareness. We are planning something similiar again this year as well as taking part in a number of events in Bristol.

I’ll keep you posted about how James and Lily get on and the activities we are planning. Meanwhile why don’t you find out how you can become an intern at the Red Cross – I promise you won’t regret it!

Photo: © Frantzesco Kangaris (BRC)

A dog called Lucky


You probably already know the joke I’m thinking of: ‘My dog’s blind, asthmatic and only has three legs.’ ‘What’s its name?’ ‘Lucky.’

Well, in many respects, that tale of canine misadventure reminds me of my friend Liz’s predicament. Over the past five years, she’s had breast cancer (twice), countless chemotherapy sessions, ongoing heart trouble and a badly arthritic right hip that has rendered her virtually immobile.

But there’s something else that Liz – now aged 61 and with only one sister living hundreds of miles away in Sheffield – has had. And that’s a core group of good friends and kind neighbours who think the world of her. More