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World Humanitarian Day: Why we must protect aid workers


Red Cross and Red Crescent staff and volunteers in the Occupied Palestine Territory are undertaking vital humanitarian work. They are working to protect the lives of civilians – who make up a disproportionately large number of casualties in this conflict – in the spirit of the Movement’s Fundamental Principles.

On World Humanitarian Day, watch our video and see why it’s crucial aid workers around the world are allowed to work in safety.

Polio eradication in the Horn of Africa

Children in front of chalk markings, indicating the residence has received treatment during the polio vaccination programme in South Sudan.

Children in front of chalk markings, indicating the residence has received treatment during the polio vaccination programme in South Sudan.

Great strides have been made towards the eradication of polio in recent years, which is why an outbreak of the highly infectious viral disease in the Horn of Africa last year was met with such dismay. More

Haiti earthquake – interactive map


Five years after an earthquake struck Haiti – a country that was already struggling with a weak infrastructure and widespread poverty – we take a look at some of the recovery work undertaken by the British Red Cross in the capital Port-au-Prince.

Click on the map to read, see and listen to some of the stories from the suburb of Delmas 19.


The future of aid? Cash transfers after Typhoon Haiyan



From reuniting families to handing out clean water, the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement has supported people affected by Typhoon Haiyan in a huge variety of ways since the disaster hit the Philippines.

The Movement has already given food to more than 950,000 people in the country’s worst-affected areas.

And in the months ahead Red Cross staff and volunteers will help some people with cash transfers – money they can use to survive and recover from the disaster. More

The fight to survive the cold in the Middle East – photo gallery

Supplies being unloaded from a lorry

Blankets and hygiene kits being distributed to 250 families in Tripoli, northern Lebanon – ©Ibrahim Malla/IFRC

Millions of Syrians face a long winter with little protection against the freezing cold.

As the British Red Cross readies a winter shipment of aid to Syria, including thermal blankets, other member societies of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement are on the ground distributing aid to Syrian Refugees in border countries. More

Central African Republic humanitarian crisis: fear and insecurity – video

People camped around a monastery

Fleeing the violence in Bangui, more than 9,000 people have sought refuge in Boy-Rabe monastery – ©ICRC/Rabih Mazboudi

Months of unrest in Central African Republic (CAR) have left civilians living in fear.

During a recent visit to London, Patrick L’Hote, head of operations for central and southern Africa with the International Committee of the Red Cross, spoke about the desperate plight of civilians in CAR. More

Red Cross pilots cash response in drought-ridden Namibia

©Hanna Butler/IFRC

©Hanna Butler/IFRC

This is a guest blog written by Gerard Ferrie, a British Red Cross delegate recently deployed to Namibia. The country is facing its worst drought in 30 years and the Red Cross is supporting the emergency response. Gerard arrived in Namibia at the end of September and was based in the northern town of Opuwo. More