Cyclone Pam: volunteers on the front line



The amount of destruction caused by Cyclone Pam, which hit a string of Pacific islands last weekend, is still unknown. But we do know the disaster has left people in its path dead or injured, and many thousands homeless.

Aid workers from around the world have been racing to the countries affected, including Vanuatu, in the wake of the disaster.

But one team was in action before the cyclone had even arrived. More

Helping tribal groups fight climate change and drought in Namibia

©IFRC/HannaButler - Children wait outside a  Namibia Red Cross soup kitchen

©IFRC/HannaButler – Children wait outside a Namibia Red Cross soup kitchen

Namibia is the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa and is increasingly suffering from droughts. 

The north of the country is home to a number of disparate tribal groups. Some depend on crops for their livelihoods, others on cattle farming. 

The Red Cross is working with these communities to help prepare them for natural disasters by providing them with relevant training and cash grants while they recover from the effects of drought. 


Growing incomes: A vital defence against cyclones in Bangladesh

Bangladesh V2R livelihoodsAs well as threatening lives and homes, cyclones can wipe out people’s incomes. And with no way of earning money, those affected will struggle to rebuild their lives after the wind and waves die away.

That’s why protecting incomes – and even finding new ways of making a living – are key parts of a Bangladesh Red Crescent programme helping about 60,000 people prepare from and recover from cyclones. More

TV star brings earthquake safety message to streets of Kathmandu

© Matthew Percival/BRC

© Matthew Percival/BRC

In a small town square in the Kathmandu Valley, a powerful theatre performance is spreading life-saving information – with the help of a little star power.

The play is called Let’s Live Ourselves and uses drama and comedy to pass on simple messages about preparing for earthquakes. It’s funded by the Nepal Red Cross and features Surbir Pandit, one of Nepal’s top television actors.

Street theatre is a great of way of getting vital information to people who might otherwise miss out on it. And it can have a huge emotional impact – the play brings tears from one audience member. More

World Water Day – Red Cross helping millions of people

A child drinking from a cup


For most of us in the UK, the journey to get clean water involves walking across the room and turning on a tap. So the idea of having to walk for three hours to get clean water is unimaginable.

But for millions of people across the world, access to safe water is still a struggle. As of 2011, an estimated 768 million people worldwide lacked access to safe water.


How do you help a stab victim?

Knife crime is a deadly serious issue for young people – who accounted for over a third of all UK casualties last year. That’s why our new short films will be a big help.

It only takes seconds to stab someone, and just minutes to bleed to death.

That’s perhaps the worst thing about knife injuries: the speed at which everything happens.

Anyone who’s been stabbed needs to be treated immediately – it’s literally a life or death matter. But all too often bystanders don’t know what they should do, and so lives are lost. More