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Putting crisis on the curriculum with Pupil, Citizen, Life-saver


Who was your favourite teacher? The one who brought the Victorians to life, or the one who made chemistry go off with a bang? Chances are they knew how to make their lessons exciting, relevant and inspiring.

Of course, even top teachers need subjects that will get their pupils fired up – and few fit the bill like first aid and humanitarian education. The Red Cross Pupil, Citizen, Life-saver campaign is urging the government to put these topics at the heart of England’s new national curriculum – we need you to sign our e-campaign and give us your support.

Schoolchildren next to a handmade sign saying refugee camp


How people in Nepal live with the threat of disaster


 George with colleagues from the Nepal Red Cross

Georgina Cooper, British Red Cross community engagement manager, recently visited our project in Nepal’s Kathmandu valley, where we’re helping people prepare for disasters. Here, she reports back:

My security briefing before going to Nepal – one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world – gave me plenty to think about on the plane: what to do in an earthquake, the dangers of traffic, and other hazards that may arise.

It was still fresh in my mind when I stepped off the plane and the Red Cross driver handed me a lanyard with emergency details and a whistle (in case I were to become stuck in rubble), which I dutifully slipped over my head.

Arriving at the hotel, I glanced around to see where I would ‘drop, cover and hold on’ should an earthquake strike, before going to sleep wondering how people live at this level of awareness.

It didn’t take long to dawn on me – they don’t. More

Photo story: disaster risks in Uganda


Children in Uganda

With a rapidly growing population, disease outbreaks, environmental degradation and climate change, people’s overall levels of risk to disaster in Uganda are steadily increasing. The Uganda Red Cross, supported by the British Red Cross, has launched a new programme to help communities be better prepared for a range of risks, saving both lives and livelihoods. See photos from the programme below. More

How to survive a hurricane

Red Cross distributes items after Hurricane Isaac

© Vadim Janvier / Haitian Red Cross

In the past 48 hours Tropical Storm Sandy strengthened into a category 1 hurricane, affecting Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti. It brought heavy rains, with the potential for flash flooding and loss of life.

Around the world, in preparation for such disasters, the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has pre-positioned stockpiles of emergency goods, such as food, blankets, tarpaulins, kitchen sets and hygiene kits. It also has early warning systems and pre-agreed plans and procedures for responding to different types of disaster. This means that long before a hurricane hits landfall, the Red Cross springs into action to reduce the threat of harm for those most at risk. More

Relief to resilience: ready to weather the storm

Man with mega-phone preparing for a cyclone

Man with mega-phone preparing for a cyclone

With the global population exceeding 7 billion, the earth’s resources are under increasing strain, resulting in more crises and people needing help than ever before. In response, the Red Cross has evolved its approach to providing aid.

As the numbers rise – more conflict over limited resources, more weather-related disasters, more poverty and food crises – the Red Cross is bridging relief aid and development for a more sustainable future. More

West Africa video: enough food for me and my grandchild


The last harvest in Tambacounda, Senegal, was so bad that Aissatou couldn’t store anything. She and her grandchild have been eating one meal per day. Now, thanks to Red Cross food vouchers, she has enough food to tide her over until the next harvest.

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West Africa video: high hopes for a good harvest


Last year’s rainy season in Nioro, Senegal, was bad, and Mandao had to sell his farming tools. The Red Cross has given him tools, seeds and fertilizer to help improve this years harvest. With a large family to provide for, Mandao is hoping for a good rainy season.

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