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Forget Black Friday – shop for deals on Red Thursday

Black and silver clutch bag by Alexander McQueen

This Alexander McQueen clutch could be yours…

Get your gift list sorted today and avoid Black Friday shopping madness. Check out our discounts, special offers and goodies from the likes of Chanel, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana and Alexander McQueen.

Black Friday is almost here. Stores will slash prices on a handful of items in the run up to Christmas. The best deals disappear fast amidst crowds and chaos. But today, there is another way.

Stress-free festive shopping

Today we’re celebrating Red Thursday in our shops up and down the UK. More

The day that everything changed for this refugee girl

Drawing of refugee family home in Syria

When a rocket shattered their home and injured their daughter, Mohammad and Kamaar’s family fled Syria. They thought it would be a short-term move until the fighting stopped.

Three years later, they are living in Glasgow – talking to photographer Conor Ashleigh about starting over as refugees.

Before the war in Syria, Mohammad, Kamaar and their seven children lived a wonderful life.

Mohammad was a very successful businessman. His thriving company employed 25 people. He provided for his family and was proud he could help so many in his community when they were in need.

Mohammad today.

Mohammad shows me photos of his house. A house is an understatement – it is an absolute dream home.

But after building it and living there for only six months, a rocket attack destroyed the house.

The blast left one of his little girls almost completely deaf.

Very quickly, the family’s dream life had become a nightmare.

Please donate to our Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal.


Refugee families – how to move on after war and heartache

Sri Lanka refugee family Glasgow 1

Photographer Conor Ashleigh spent six weeks getting to know refugee families from around the world. They were all split up on long and desperate journeys, before finally reuniting in Glasgow to start their lives over. As his free exhibition opens in Glasgow, Conor reflects on some moving stories and friendships.

Starting a new life in a new country is always difficult. I recently moved to Scotland from Australia.

But, unlike the families I’ve been photographing for this British Red Cross project, I chose to come here.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent time with families from Syria, Iran and Sri Lanka. These families didn’t have the freedom to choose between staying at home and leaving for the UK. Nor do they know when, if at all, they can return home.  More

Six reasons you can’t live without our emergency app

We’ve just launched our free emergency app, packed with great features to help you before, during and after a crisis.

We think it’s a must for your phone – here are six reasons to hit download today.

Near Brcko district,  Bosnia and Herzegovina, two weeks after the floods -  ©IFRC/Nicole Robicheau

©IFRC/Nicole Robicheau

1. From blizzards to blackouts, the app has it covered

The app features clear and straightforward advice, telling you how to prepare for and cope with a huge range of emergencies.

There are tips for: car breakdowns, chemical emergencies, crowd incidents, droughts, fires, flooding, flu pandemics, heatwaves, overseas travel emergencies, power cuts, severe winter weather, storms and terrorism.

So whatever life throws at you, there’s a good chance our app can help. More

The refugee doctor who can’t wait to help you

Amir refugee Sudan doctor

Amir was living a happy and ordinary life in Sudan. He was married with children and had a good job. But a few years ago, he was forced to flee after being tortured, stabbed and left for dead.

Amir Ali Bob lives in the UK with his wife Wegdan and their five children, aged 5 to 13.

Before fleeing Sudan as refugees, Amir was an obstetrician and Wegdan a GP. They are now doing whatever they can to practise as doctors again – taking exams, improving their English – so they can help the country the family now call home.

But how did they get to this point? Amir tells us their story. More

Shoreham air disaster seen through the eyes of our volunteers


The British Red Cross is a familiar sight at the scene of emergencies and major incidents in the UK, and in the case of the Shoreham Airshow disaster we were there right from the start.

One month after the worst UK airshow accident in 63 years, the Red Cross is continuing to support those affected through its dedicated support line.

Immediate reaction

When the accident took place on the first day of the Shoreham Airshow in August, volunteers and staff from our Kent and Sussex teams were already there providing first aid cover for the event.

So as the incident unfolded, 10 event first aiders, four ambulances and two specially designed first aid vehicles were ready to respond.


How watching STOMP could help save a life

Stomp British Red Cross

STOMP started as a British street show in 1991. Two decades later, its dancers tour around the globe to packed-out audiences. For one night only, you can see them in Dance Power – and they say that you’re in for a treat.

On October 11, Dance Power will light up London’s West End with stars and dance legends from around the world. Hosted by Strictly Come Dancing star Anton du Beke, the exciting show will include Paco Pena, the Red Hot Chilli Pipers and the cast of STOMP.

Even if you’ve never seen STOMP on stage, you’ve almost certainly heard of them. They manage to find creative ways of using everyday items, such as brooms, dustbins and washing machines, to drum fast-paced beats. It’s a special mix of theatre, dance and comedy.

They took part in our first-ever Dance Power, 16 years ago – and they’re ready to do it all over again for 2015. Below is a little sneak preview of what to expect, courtesy of cast members Rob and Andrew… More

Why do we help refugees and migrants?

Syrian refugees Rania and Judy © Thomas Andre Syvertsen/Norwegian Red Cross

Syrian refugees Rania and Judy © Thomas Andre Syvertsen/Norwegian Red Cross

With so many problems in the world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We all want to help other people, but none of us can fix everything for everyone.

At the Red Cross we face this challenge – where to put our money and effort – every day.

But we have something that makes the decision much easier. Our seven Fundamental Principles.

These bold, brilliant ideas are 50 years old next month. But they still guide our work around the world, letting us do things no other organisation can. More