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Generous shoppers help donate 4.3 million meals for people in need this Christmas


Neighbourhood food collectionThank you to everyone who helped to donate a record 4.3 million meals for people in need this Christmas.

Tesco shoppers donated food to the Neighbourhood Food Collection, which took place across the UK earlier this month and was helped by Red Cross volunteers.

The 4.3 million meals include a top-up of 30 per cent by Tesco – equating to 32,000 trolley-loads of food. More

Help the hungry during your weekly shop

Family shopping in supermarket

Photo by thinkpanama

This weekend British Red Cross volunteers are taking part in neighbourhood food collections at Tesco, in partnership with the charity FareShare.

On 29 and 30 November and 1 December, the UK’s biggest ever food collection is happening at a Tesco store near you. Volunteers from the Red Cross, Trussell Trust and FareShare are all taking part. More

Takeover Day – What happens when young volunteers take charge of the Red Cross for 24 hours?



©Matthew Percival/British Red Cross

Rémi-Adelé Kaz, in the green top, was director of communications for a day – ©Matthew Percival/British Red Cross

This is a guest blog by Rémi-Adelé Kaz, who took part in Takeover Day – a national initiative that saw 12 young volunteers take charge of the British Red Cross for a day last week. The 16-year-old student volunteers in a Red Cross shop in Bournemouth once a week.

Although I was aware of the fantastic work that the British Red Cross does for people across the UK and the world, I never realised just how much the Red Cross would do for me as a young volunteer. More

How the Red Cross eases burden on hospitals


Support-at-home-lady-BLOGAs rising admissions among the elderly push many hospitals to breaking point, our volunteers are providing a lifeline for patients returning to empty homes.

Put yourself in Elizabeth’s* shoes.

You are an elderly pensioner. You were mugged recently and broke your shoulder. You’re just now being discharged from hospital. You still feel a bit shaky, if you’re honest. You’re going back to an empty house. You have no family living nearby. There’s no fresh milk in the fridge. You’re a bit nervous about the journey home.

In such a case, it’s likely you’d also be pleased to see Francesca Dawkes.


Volunteer: go to cool events


Sam-ClewesSince becoming a first aid volunteer, 17-year-old Sam Clewes has hobnobbed with royalty at Buckingham Palace and rocked out at the Wireless Festival. Here’s his story:

Become a first aider with the British Red Cross, they said. You’ll get to see interesting things. They weren’t lying.

I live in rural West Midlands, so when the Red Cross asked if I’d like to spend a summer weekend at both the Queen’s Coronation Festival and the Wireless Festival, you can probably guess what my answer was.


Our principles: voluntary service


Welcome to the fifth in our series of blogs looking at the Red Cross’ guiding principles. Today, we look at voluntary service.

Amy-WintonWe are a voluntary relief movement, not prompted in any manner by desire for gain.

Amy Winton always wanted to help people since she was ‘really little’ – and now she’s putting her childhood ambition into practice as a Red Cross volunteer.

Amy, who does about two first aid duties a month, explains: “I really enjoy volunteering because it gives me an opportunity to support people face-to-face.”


Why volunteering makes you irresistible


Robin-kiss-blogA new study shows that altruistic behaviour – such as volunteering – can be like catnip to potential romantic partners.

Ladies and gentlemen: we have been misinformed.

Popular culture – whether music, films or books – constantly drums the line that all girls love a bad boy, while men can’t help drooling over vampy women.

Think of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, that sulky vampire chap from Twilight or the perma-undressed Rhianna.