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Red Cross nurses recall D-Day landings


On the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings we take a look back to the mission and the aftermath during the Second World War with two former Red Cross nurses (VADs).

 An eventful 70 years have passed since Judy Stokes first signed up to be a Red Cross volunteer. Perhaps none more so than her first summer as a 19-year-old Red Cross nurse (VAD) in 1944 when the D-Day landings changed the course of the Second World War.

“I’ll never forget that wonderful announcement [of a second front],” said Judy. “It was a frenzy of excitement. The only thing like it was when the war had ended, and there was such, such happiness.”

 Judy Stokes in her Red Cross nurse uniform


Ellen’s story: volunteering helped me cope with anorexia


Volunteer Ellen Devine smiling in her Red Cross uniformEllen Devine explains why volunteering boosted her confidence – and how she uses her experiences of mental illness to help others.

Living with anorexia can feel like existing inside a glass bauble: you can see out and into the ‘real’ world, but you cannot touch it, feel it or fully experience it. Fear keeps you inside. More

Join the great British grub grab!


Lloyds_31259_JoelFrom 3-5 July, there will be a huge food collection drive to help the increasing number of families hit by food poverty. Registration for this event has now closed but do take a look at other volunteering opportunities.

Have you noticed we don’t hear much about the recession anymore?

These days, the news bulletins are full of housing bubbles and improved employment figures. All seems rosy again.

But for millions across the country, living with the effects of the recent downswing is still a daily struggle. And nowhere is it more visible than at the meal table. More

Young snappers: win a fabulous camera!


Young-photographer-BLOGIf you’re aged 25 or under, here’s a tempting prospect – simply take a photo, send it to us and you might end up winning an awesome camera.

Say cheese!

The British Red Cross’ brand new young person’s photography competition is looking for keen-eyed snappers who can capture something special through the lens.


Fake car crash tests our volunteers



You’re a volunteer at a motor racing event, when there is a high-speed collision. The vehicle skids off the track and hurls into a dense crowd of spectators. It bursts into flames. People panic as they try to evacuate…

What do you do to help? Can you act quickly and decisively?

To test people’s reactions in an emergency, a huge mock-up of this very accident took place recently. More

Time to give up? Helping young refugees to volunteer

Refugee volunteer

© Najeeb Mirzada and British Red Cross

A new report reveals what it is like to volunteer as a young refugee or asylum seeker – and also what stops many from doing it in the first place.

Refugees and asylum seekers flee traumatic situations, and usually arrive confused and grieving for what they have left behind. They often speak little, or nothing, of their new country’s language. They may be alone or with limited family support. Their new country can seem alien, with different customs and culture.

As Student Volunteering Week shines a spotlight on young people and volunteering, new research shows that volunteering can help refugees and asylum seekers slot into their new society. More

Teen lifesaver supports campaign for young volunteers

Dionne with HRH Prince Charles, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and young volunteers.

Dionne (holding the ‘up’ sign) at the campaign launch with Nick Clegg, David Cameron, HRH Prince Charles, Ed Miliband and young volunteers.

Dionne Burns saved a man’s life as a Red Cross first aid volunteer when she was 17 years old. Here she explains why volunteering still gives her such a buzz – and why she is encouraging other young people to take part in a brand new campaign.

Being a Red Cross first aider is always interesting – you never know what you are going to be dealing with. When I joined as a young 16-year-old girl, I never expected that in a few years’ time I’d be chatting with Prince Charles in Buckingham Palace!


The big truck with a global reach


UNIMOG-BLOGWhat’s the difference between our response to a major disaster overseas and a crisis right here at home in the UK? Sometimes, very little.

The British Red Cross’ moving new TV advert shows how a crisis can happen anywhere, to anyone.

Understandably, the advert paints a picture of large-scale operations overseas and more intimate levels of help for individuals in the UK. Here in this country, we’re fortunately not too troubled by earthquakes and droughts. More