haiti blog picHave you ever wondered what disaster response experts do when disaster strikes around the world?

At this very moment the Red Cross along with other aid agencies are in Haiti, where last week’s earthquake has caused massive devastation and loss of life.

Our Haiti Earthquake appeal has raised an amazing £2 million so far, and the Disasters Emergencies Committee  (DEC) appeal, which the British Red Cross is a part of, a whopping  £23 million. Apart from raising these vital funds though we must also ensure we use them wisely and reach those most in need.

Emergency response experts like our own Pete Garratt (who has also blogged about the earthquake) , along with dozens of others on the ground are having to think on their feet and make this and many other vital decisions to cope with the rapidly unfolding events in the region.

Our international emergency response unit (ERU) has to work out what needs doing where, what the priorities are, how best to distribute aid and many other dilemmas – all in an atmosphere of complete chaos, shattered infrastructure and utter confusion.

It’s hard to get your head round, isn’t it, from here in the UK? If you’d like to get a sense of the issues involved, play our Decisions for recovery challenge, which puts you in the shoes of British Red Cross’  disaster response experts.

Image © Talia Frenkel  (American Red Cross)