Syrian boy listens during first aid training session in Aleppo

©SARC/ Hagop Vanesian

Here at the Red Cross, we see first aid as an essential skill that all children should learn. So much so that we’ve been campaigning to have it put on England’s national curriculum.

Of course, it goes without saying that when you teach children first aid you hope they’ll never need to use it. Nobody wants children to witness a nasty injury or to be hurt themselves.

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Sadly, for children living in Aleppo – a conflict-torn area in northern Syria – the likelihood of needing first aid skills is pretty high. Last month fighting in the region intensified, with violence among various groups reaching new heights. Ongoing siege conditions mean that food and other supplies can not reach some areas of Aleppo.

As part of their work to build people’s resilience, Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers are teaching first aid to children in Aleppo. For Syrian children – as for children in the UK – knowing how to respond in an emergency could prevent unnecessary deaths.

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