Men load a person into an ambulance


What is the Red Cross doing in Gaza and Israel?

Running medical and ambulance services, protecting water supplies, and helping civilians evacuate areas affected by the crisis. In some areas those affected are being given aid such as blankets, mattresses and essential toiletries.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is made up of many different parts. Those responding to this conflict include the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and the Magen David Adom, which operates in Israel.

Are you working for Hamas or the Israeli Government?

No. The Movement is entirely neutral and independent, and our only goal is to help people in crisis. We have to negotiate with different forces in order to bring humanitarian help, but we do not take sides in any conflict.

Read more about about our neutrality and independence in our fundamental principles.

But can’t you tell them to stop the conflict?

We have repeatedly called for both sides to protect and spare civilians. But we cannot control what they do. So far, we have been able to negotiate some temporary pauses in fighting in certain areas, allowing civilians to leave for safety and the injured to get medical help.

Why aren’t you helping everywhere?

We only have limited resources and cannot reach everyone. Hundreds of staff and volunteers are risking their lives every day to help people affected. But, while we negotiate with different parties involved in the conflict to get as much access as possible, at certain times some areas are not safe for our staff and volunteers to enter.

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How are you spending donations to the British Red Cross Gaza and Israel Appeal?

Money raised will support humanitarian work in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel. This work will be targeted at helping those most in need.