Nepal-injured-old-woman-BLOGThe donation you give to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal will bring life-saving relief to the heart of the disaster zone. Here are five things you’ll help us secure.

1. Tarpaulins

Nepal-tarpaulin-family-BLOGShelter is absolutely vital. Heavy rain has brought a higher risk of damaged houses collapsing completely, so many people are still sleeping outside.

2. Blankets

Nepal-baby-blanket-BLOGIt’s not only wet in Nepal – at night, it can get very chilly. Blankets bring much-needed protection from the cold, particularly for children and older people.

3. Kitchen sets

Nepal-kitchen-set-BLOGHow do you manage the bare necessity of feeding yourself while living outside on a piece of waste ground? These sets provide the basic tools to prepare food and stay healthy.

4. Hygiene kits

Nepal-hygiene-BLOGIn any big disaster, the immediate devastation is always closely followed by a threat of disease, such as cholera. With hospitals overwhelmed and water systems damaged, our hygiene kits help people stay clean and safe.

5. Mosquito nets

Nepal-mosquito-BLOGMany people in Nepal are already living in horrific conditions, so the last thing they need is an outbreak of malaria. Mosquito nets provide crucial protection.

Each of these items costs just a few pounds. But they mean the difference between someone being warm, sheltered and fed – or struggling outside in the cold. Please help if you can.

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