Boy-doorIn the remote village of Sathighar – four hours north of Kathmandu – almost every house was destroyed. A Nepal Red Cross team was the first to reach the scene since the earthquake struck.

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Blue-skyIt’s difficult to overstate the severity of the situation. In this village, an overwhelming majority of people lost both their homes and livestock, and now have no way of getting food


The Red Cross arrived to find a scene of utter devastation: 11 people had been killed and many were injured. The surviving villagers were desperate for help.


Hundreds of livestock were buried alive in the quake, which has left many rural families without any way of earning a living. In the longer-term, the Red Cross will help people in Nepal to restore their livelihoods.

ScarfGiven the risk from infectious diseases, making sure people get clean water and sanitation in the coming days will be critical.

One-RC-volRight now, the Red Cross is working hard to get basic necessities out to isolated communities – including tarpaulins, blankets, cooking utensils and hygiene kits.

ScytheVillagers have had no option but to begin the mammoth clean-up operation using only basic farming tools and their bare hands.


Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries and not equipped to deal with a crisis this big. Most of the population depends on agriculture to earn a living, and an estimated 40 per cent of people live in poverty.


This 50-year-old woman lost her husband five years ago, and now has lost her home. Our relief response is focussing on the most vulnerable – such as children, young mothers and the elderly.

Nepal-mum-new-newIn Nepal, rural communities really are cut off from the rest of the world – a third of the population lives more than two hours walk from the nearest all-season road.

RoadLandslides and damaged roads have made it difficult to reach rural and mountainous communities, but relief convoys are getting through – and more urgent distributions are planned over the coming days.

gOATThe remnants of a goat herd gather amid the ruins of the village. The loss of livestock will hit rural communities very hard.


The process of rebuilding their homes – and lives – will be long and arduous for the Nepalese people. But you can help them get through these difficult first few days.

  • £25 can provide clean water for four families for one month
  • £50 can feed a family for two weeks
  • £100 can provide emergency shelter for five families

Please donate to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

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