baby resuscitation manikin and bagIt’s true. You didn’t read that wrong. Last night I discovered how to dress a plastic baby.

Picture the scene. A warm, sunny spring evening. A group of Red Cross volunteers descend on their local centre for their regular Wednesday meeting. But this isn’t any normal Red Cross meeting – this week they got to clean Annies.

“What’s an Annie?” I hear you say. Well, they’re every first aid trainer’s plastic friends, resuscitation manikins designed to help people learn how to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, or CPR for short.

After every course – and we had one I was training on last Sunday – we have to clean their lungs, ready for the next willing course participants. This week was a special cleaning occasion as we decided to strip and clean all the Annie’s inside-out.

I was faced with dressing a baby – albeit a plastic one – for the first time. I won’t lie. It was a daunting prospect. However, I’m happy to report I completed my mission successfully.

This did get me thinking. While I’m not that confident at how to dress a baby, I am confident on how to resuscitate them. This gave me an interesting perspective, that of a newborn parent faced with doing the unknown for the first time.

So, I’m now prepared for any future newborn. Would you know how to resuscitate a child? If not, come and find out on one of our first aid courses.

And if there’s anything else your unsure of (first-aid wise), do ask – that’s what I’m here for.