That’s not bad for something which only launched last Christmas – the British Red Cross’ first aid app has now seen over a million downloads.

And since people across the globe are just now preparing to celebrate World First Aid Day (8 September), the timing couldn’t be better.

The app – available for free on Apple, Android and Blackberry devices – has been hugely popular both in the UK and the United States. It features simple advice on 18 first aid scenarios, as well as tips on how to prepare for emergencies.

Joe Mulligan, head of first aid education, said: “What the download numbers show is that, as a society, we are increasingly turning to technology and the simplicity it offers.

“In an emergency, people want first aid information at their fingertips and our app offers the reassurance of telling them what to do.”

Just how useful the app can be was proven recently by Joe Rizk, a theology student in Lebanon.

He recalled: “I was on a camping trip when one of my mates fell over in the woods and broke both arms. Luckily, I had someone telling me what to do from the app video – so I took off my shirt and wrapped the guy’s arms, supporting them in his lap.”

Joe added: “The guy is now well, thanks to the app. The tips and videos are all incredibly clear and instructive, even for someone like me who’s not a very fluent English speaker.”

To mark this latest milestone for the app, the Red Cross has also added a snazzy new set of quiz questions.

To download the app, simply follow the links on our website.