Hero first aiders: Becky Heath and Dom Potter

Now, as much as this tale sounds like something out of spooky sci-fi series The Twilight Zone, I assure you it’s all true. Here’s what happened.

One day recently, charity worker Becky Heath walked into bustling Kentish Town tube station in London and spotted an injured lady in her sixties sprawled on the ground. Becky, who has done first aid training with the Red Cross, went over to help the station manager attending her.

Becky recalled: “The poor lady – who was in her sixties – had fallen flat on her face. There was a huge red swelling across her left cheek and I thought maybe her arm was broken, so I asked the guy to call an ambulance.”

Quick response

She added: “I checked that she’d stayed conscious throughout, and looked over those areas where she was hurting. Then I raced to a shop across the road and bought some frozen peas to ease her facial swelling – luckily, I had a canvas bag to wrap the peas in.

“She was obviously very upset, so I kept her chatting to keep her mind off the situation until the paramedics arrived and took over. Funnily enough, she was quite worried about keeping the peas, which really wasn’t my top priority!”

Stemmed bleeding

So far, so heroic. But now it starts to get very strange. About an hour later, local man Dom Potter walked in to the very same tube station and spotted a second lady who had – you guessed it – just fallen hard on her face.

She had cuts and grazes down her cheek, which were bleeding quite heavily, and was pretty distressed. After checking her over, first aid-trained Dom ran to the nearest shop (the same one Becky had used) and got lots of kitchen roll.

Running back, he unfurled it into a large dressing pad and helped the woman gently place it on her face to stem the bleeding. He then stayed with her, chatting and keeping her calm, until her partner and an ambulance arrived.

Big surprise

So, I’m guessing this all sounds a bit spooky and ‘well, I never’, right? Maybe it does. But remember, The Twilight Zone always saved its biggest twist until the very end.

The final surprise only occurred later that afternoon, when an excited Becky rang her husband to tell him all about her big adventure. His name? Dom Potter.

“Do-do-do-do, Do-do-do-do, Do-do-do-do…”