Anyone who’s been stabbed needs immediate attention. Lives are lost when people don’t know how to help. 

The good news is that helping someone who’s been stabbed is actually pretty straightforward. Just follow these steps and you could save someone’s life.

Three simple steps to help someone who’s been stabbed:

  1. Put pressure on the wound.
  2. Call 999.
  3. Keep pressure on the wound until an ambulance arrives.

What if there is an object in the wound?

If there is an object in the wound, don’t remove it as this could make the bleeding a lot worse. Apply pressure around it.

Is there anything else I can do?

The best thing you can do is keep applying pressure to the wound and wait for an ambulance to arrive.

‘I was stabbed’

We teamed up with the charity Art Against Knives to produce a series of animated two-minute shorts that tell the real-life – and shocking – story of a young person who has either been stabbed or witnessed a knife attack.

Chris, who features in one of the films, said: “You never think it could happen to you, but I was stabbed. Everyone should watch these films and learn what to do.”

He added: “If my friend hadn’t known some basic first aid and helped me out, I might not be here now.”

Between April 2015 and March 2016, 4,054 people were admitted to hospital following assault with a sharp instrument.

This post was edited in June 2017.