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The sunshine and showers of our great British summer have done their work and gardens across the country are in full bloom. If you’re off to an outdoor event soon, you may see some of our volunteers in action. But would you be able to spot a first aider at a flower show?

The event first aider, member of the primo auxilium species, is a very special breed. While no two are the same, they do share some distinctive features which make them possible to identify – for those in the know.

  1. Never the centre of attention – an event first aider likes to stay out of the spotlight.

First aid volunteers have a wonderful knack of blending effortlessly into the background at events. That is, until an emergency strikes. Then their bright and distinctive display makes them easy to spot.

  1. They’re resourceful – an event first aider adapts quickly to their surroundings.

If you look carefully enough, you might catch a volunteer treating a person who’s been out in the sun for a bit too long and just needs a little water and shade to put them right. Perhaps you’ll spot another popping some ice on the sprained ankles of those who’ve chanced to walk the grassy grounds in heels. Whether it’s a bee sting or a broken bone, an event first aider is always equipped to help.

  1. They’re trained to thrive in adverse conditions.

Each volunteer goes through some serious training before they help out at an event. Come rain or shine, they put the hours in. This year-round commitment allows them to thrive in situations where others might not. A perennial species, you’ll see them returning year after year to events around the country.

Two event first aiders

Meet a member of the team

Graham Baker has been volunteering in event first aid for over 12 years. He thinks there’s nothing quite like it.


Graham said: “I thoroughly enjoy volunteering – whether it’s giving first aid, being part of an ambulance crew or helping with logistics. More than anything, I love being part of such a great team”.

Showcase your talent

Are you passionate about all things gardening? Is your calendar organised around the best times to plant, prune and pick? Maybe you’ve been tending a plot for years, or perhaps you’ve only recently been inspired to pick up a trowel and test your plant-growing abilities.

Whatever your level of expertise, if you’ve got a garden, allotment or window-box that you’re feeling particularly proud of, we want you to share it with your friends.

Host a ‘proud of your garden’ event and you’ll wow your nearest and dearest with your green-fingered talent, while raising life-saving money for the Red Cross.

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