JoolsOliver-laughing-BLOGAs our ‘Rapped Up’ first aid campaign for little ones hits the UK, the top celebrity mum explains why she decided it was time to learn life-saving skills.

Accidents always happen when you have children. And with four, I have my hands full.

My youngest, Buddy, has had a few incidents choking on food (due to laughing with his sisters at the dining table), so we always have to watch out.


When Petal was younger, I caught her holding a bottle of bleach. It wasn’t open, but I had no idea if she had drunk any and made her drink milk as a precaution.

But thanks to doing the British Red Cross baby and child first aid course, I now know that is the wrong thing to do. (Here’s the right thing.)

‘So much fun’

The Red Cross course has really put my mind at rest and given me the confidence to deal with issues in the right way, should they arise in the future.

Jools learns some first aid basics with our trainer

Jools learns some first aid basics with our trainer

I never knew first aid could be so much fun, and all my children really enjoyed learning it alongside me.

I was amazed to hear that seven out of ten children are likely to visit A&E at some point in their lifetime, yet only nine per cent of parents feel confident to perform first aid.

Shocking statistics

I really hope the Red Cross’ new First Aid Rapped Up campaign helps change these shocking statistics.


Jools now feels more confident about helping her four kids in an emergency situation

It’s so important for parents and parents-to-be to learn these basic skills because you never know when you may need them.

I fully support this campaign, and recommend parents download the Red Cross baby and child first aid app or book on to a nearby course. You won’t regret it.

Want to learn first aid? Sign up for a quick course, learn life-saving skills online or download our free mobile app.