Pizza-heart-BLOGA pizza delivery boy got more than he bargained for when he came across a life-threatening emergency – but he had a first aid trick or two up his sleeve.

Anson Lemmer probably thought he’d got an easy summer job.

After all, working as a pizza delivery boy in a sunny, sleepy Colorado town doesn’t sound too demanding.

But just two days in, during his very last order of the night, the pressures of Anson’s job took a sudden spike.

Crucial training

The 19-year-old arrived at a delivery address, baking hot pizza in hand, to find a man turning blue outside the house.

There were two other people with the casualty — one attempting CPR and another calling 911 – but the outlook was grim.

Luckily, Anson knew exactly what to do and dived straight in to help. He started giving chest compressions to the stricken man and didn’t stop until the emergency services arrived.

He later recalled: “I took a CPR training course with the Red Cross when I was 12 or 13, and I guess that’s the kind of training that really sticks with you.”

The teenager added: “It’s important to not get caught up in the bystander effect. If I stumble across something like that, I’m going to do anything I can to help.”

Pizza cake

Back at the Uncle Pizza branch in Glenwood, everyone was wondering what was taking the new boy so long. They presumed he’d simply got lost during the delivery.

When they found out what had actually happened, they were dumbfounded – and very impressed.

As were the emergency responders, who shook the young hero’s hand at the scene.

Happy ending

Anson said: “Afterwards, I called my parents and told them this had been the craziest pizza delivery ever. I left a pizza boy and came back a pizza man.”

Most importantly, there was a happy ending for the casualty, who police say is expected to make a full recovery.

Unsurprisingly, after so much drama, nobody had much appetite for the pizza.

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