A group of Red Cross staff make their pledge to learn and share

Have you thought about learning a life-saving skill this year? The British Red Cross is asking you to learn one simple first aid skill and share it with others. Who knows, you could help save a life.

First aid saves lives

In a study commissioned last year by the Red Cross and conducted by the University of Manchester, we found that up to 59 per cent of deaths from injury may have been prevented had first aid been carried out before the arrival of the emergency medical services.

Simple actions save lives. But our research showed people in the UK lack the confidence or skills to provide basic first aid in an emergency situation.

Not knowing what to do in a first aid crisis can lead to unnecessary deaths and put greater pressure on emergency services.

The Red Cross is calling for more opportunities to learn first aid throughout people’s lifetime, starting at school, but also when people are learning to drive and through local and national public health strategies.

But you can take action too – by learning a simple first aid skill and passing it on to others.

Our first aid videos were shared around 300,000 times in 2016 across Facebook and Twitter. And on YouTube, these videos have racked up almost 295,000 hits.

So recognising the power of sharing, we want you to help spread life-saving first aid knowledge even further.

Will you rise to the challenge? As we head into 2017, make a pledge to learn and share a first aid skill that could help save a life.

What can I learn?

There are lots of first aid skills you can learn, from helping someone having a stroke to helping a child who swallows something harmful.

Or why not learn one of the two skills identified in our study that could help you potentially save a life in an injury situation?

These are:

  • Turning an unresponsive person who is breathing on their side and tilting their head back to open their airway. Learn the skill
  • Applying pressure to a heavy bleed to help stop or slow down the flow of blood. Learn the skill
How can I learn?

Learn first aid in a way that suits you:

Where can I share?

Click the tweet below to make your pledge and encourage others to be a life-saver too.


You can also add a picture to your pledge by snapping a photo holding your own downloadable pledge board and sharing this on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #learnandshare.

A member of Red Cross staff makes their pledge to learn and share