Red Cross trainers and the pledge board

At the beginning of this year, we set you a challenge: make 2017 a life-saving year by taking part in learn and share.

We asked you to learn one simple first aid skill and share it with others.

From watching first aid videos on our website to taking a first aid course, hundreds of you have responded. Here’s how.

Through our app

Adam Banks holding up the British Red Cross First Aid App on his phone.

Many of you chose to learn first aid with our market-leading digital resources. Since January, we have had over 73,800 downloads of our first aid apps (both our everyday First Aid App and our Baby and Child First Aid App). 

On a course

People on a first aid course hold up the pledge board

Loads of you have taken a first aid course with us. Last year we trained over 150,000 people in first aid and we’re on track to reach even more than that in 2017.

At events

A man at the baby show holds up the pledge board

Every year we attend national baby shows in London, Manchester and Birmingham and this year our #learnandshare pledge board came along, too.

At the shows, we offer visitors the chance to attend a free baby first aid session to learn how to deal with burns, febrile seizures, choking and if a child swallows something harmful.

Over 2,700 of you have learnt first aid at the events we’ve attended so far this year.

In schools


We’re calling for more opportunities to learn first aid throughout an individual’s life, starting at school.

Since January, we have had over 96,000 visits to our first aid teaching websites. This includes Life. Live It (for 6-11 year olds) and First aid learning for young people (for 11-19 year olds).

Our British Red Cross educators have delivered 2,333 youth first aid sessions, helping an incredible 45,723 children learn life-saving skills. These took place in schools and youth centres in areas where young people are at higher risk of experiencing a crisis.

We also had the opportunity to teach members of the National Assembly for Wales some vital first aid skills during a special event at Senedd in March, helping to demonstrate the importance of learning life-saving skills in schools.

For Pancake Day

father of daughters instagram

On Pancake Day, we encouraged parents to learn and share our burns first aid video to help prepare people for accidents when flipping pancakes in the kitchen with their kids. Even top parent bloggers got involved, like Father of Daughters.

Why learn first aid?

That’s simple – first aid can help save lives.

A study commissioned by the Red Cross and carried out by the University of Manchester, found that up to 59 per cent of deaths from injury may have been prevented had first aid been carried out before the arrival of the emergency medical services.

Our research identified two key skills that could potentially help save a life in an injury situation.

These are:

  • Turning an unresponsive person who is breathing on their side and tilting their head back to open their airway. Learn the  skill now.
  • Applying pressure to a heavy bleed to help stop or slow down the flow of blood. Learn the skill now.

Learnt the skills? Test your knowledge in our quiz.

The Red Cross is committed to upskilling people in first aid and boosting their confidence to act in an emergency.

The good news is that first aid is easy to learn and simple to do – and there’s still plenty of time for you to take part in learn and share.

Learn and share

Make a pledge to learn and share a first aid skill with us today.

Just snap a picture with our downloadable pledge board and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us @BritishRedCross and use the hashtag #learnandshare.

Then, learn first aid in a way that suits you:

Keep your eyes peeled later on in the year when we will be encouraging even more people to learn and share on World First Aid Day on 9 September.