My desk-neighbour in the office has recently been building. She has stacked up supplies of cardboard boxes and surrounded herself with an impressive sturdy wall. I don’t blame her either. In my childhood, cardboard boxes were one of the wonders of the world and if I’m honest they still are.

Red Cross Parcel website screenshotMany a child feverishly opens their birthday present only to discard it immediately, causing much parental exasperation. These children then let their imaginations run riot as they climb into the container their gift arrived in and pretend they are flying a plane, rowing a boat or dwelling in a medieval castle. I even happily recall meticulously padding one particularly large and sturdy box with a duvet, clambering inside and flinging myself down the stairs.

Despite the potential of the humble card receptacle to provide such amusement, this box fortress has accumulated in the office for a very important reason. With Red Cross Appeal Week fast approaching these boxes are filled with posters, leaflets and collection buckets to highlight the ways you can help raise essential funds so we can continue to be there when we’re needed most. You can help right now by donating online.

It’s possible that you might prefer a digital box. No, not a fancy new TV but a virtual Red Cross Parcel. It could make an excellent alternative to yet more chocolate this Easter.