Brad running man.In less than 90 days, I’ll be taking on the biggest challenge of my life: I’m running the London Marathon for the British Red Cross.

It all started with a drink in the pub. In my early 20s, me and four other friends were enjoying one of the fine beers available – probably for the fourth or fifth time that night. We’d made a pact. By the time we’d turned 30, we’d all have run the marathon.

A crazy idea

Now, let’s fast forward a decade or so. I’d turned 30. I still hadn’t run the marathon. Despite being a keen gym-goer, I was still in pretty bad shape. I knew I needed to do something else to improve my health – so I took up running.

Eight months later, in May 2013, I ran my first 10k race. I vividly remember smiling as I crossed the finish line and the feeling of elation it gave me. I came up with a crazy idea. Wouldn’t it be great if I went from running my first race (albeit only 6.2 miles) to running a full marathon within a year?  So – that’s what I’m doing!

Flaw in the plan

Unfortunately, my latest master plan had a bit of a flaw. I needed to get a place in the marathon. I’d missed the ballot, so I decided to run for charity.

As a result, I’ve been lucky enough to get a place with Team Red Cross and so I’m now in full-on training mode. Just last weekend I ran 14.5 miles on Saturday and nearly four miles on Sunday. There’s no stopping me now.

By joining Team Red Cross, I’ve committed to fundraising  for the great work the Red Cross does both in the UK and internationally.

Running for a charity I care passionately about is fantastic motivation. I know that at the end of this gruelling training, after a feat of sheer endurance, I’ll have raised money to support some fantastic work. I’m sure it’s going to spur me on to the finish!

Join in

So, whether you want to run a marathon to fulfil a pact, get fit, raise money for a fantastic cause – or all of the above – get involved and sign up to a marathon today!

And by the way – if you fancy helping me with that motivation, please feel free to show your support via my sponsorship page!