Picture of Louise and Jasmine together

Louise and Jasmine will be doing the London Red Shoe Walk together – ©BritishRedCross

There is no finer way to celebrate your birthday than taking part in a Red Shoe Walk with your daughter.

That’s exactly what Louise Mullenger will be doing come May. The 34-year-old will be hitting the streets of London with her 12-year-old daughter Jasmine, who came up with the idea of fundraising for the British Red Cross after seeing the charity’s work during the recent UK floods.

“Jasmine was watching TV and we noticed the Red Cross and the work they were doing around the floods,” Louise said.

“We were impressed with the flood response because we were seeing volunteers getting out there to help alongside the emergency services.

“But what I love even more is the fact the Red Cross helps with recovery after a crisis too. It’s an awesome organisation and deserves as much support as possible.

“Jasmine got really interested in the Red Cross so we looked them up online and came across their website and the Red Shoe Walk in London.”

There are five Red Shoe Walks taking place across the country; they are part of the annual fundraising event that is Red Cross Week.  

Going red

“It’s perfect for us to do something together to help. We felt a little stuck on our own fundraising ideas, being new to the area and not knowing many people yet, and we love London,” added Louise.

Jasmine has already held a cake sale at her school with friends and has now set the target of raising £300 for the Red Shoe Walk.

She’s even convinced her mum to let her dye her hair red for the occasion, albeit with temporary hair dye.

Two ladies and a dog taking part in the Red Shoe Walk last year

Hundreds of people took to the streets for last year’s London Red Shoe Walk, including these two ladies and their canine friend – ©BritishRedCross

The Red Shoe Walk in London takes place on 17 May across a distance of four or eight miles. Hundreds of people have already signed up to stomp across the capital in their red shoes, clothes and, in Jasmine’s case, hair. 

“Jasmine is really excited about it, she’s always been on at me to let her dye her hair red and now she can!” said Louise.

“I’ve not done much fundraising previously, but we’re hopefully going to keep it up with a few different activities that we can do together.”

The first Red Shoe Walk took place in London last year and was a huge success, so much so that the idea has now been rolled out across the country.

Between April and June, Red Shoe Walks will take place in the following places: Oxford, across the Severn Bridge, Wye Valley in Herefordshire, the Peak District and London.

Sign up for a walk today or sponsor Louise and Jasmine on their walk.

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