SpacemanChris Hadfield – the famous singing astronaut – is donating all the profits from his latest book to the Red Cross.

He’s the moustachioed, Canadian spaceman who captivated the world last year.

Thanks to him, most of us now know how astronauts sleep or whether you can cry in space.

A mind-boggling 22 million people watched him sing and play David Bowie’s Space Oddity thousands of miles above the earth.

And now the retired commander has pulled off his latest stellar feat – donating all the profits from his latest book to us.

Fascinating photos

This is no small gesture. His new book – You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes – is currently the number one hardback bestseller in the UK.

The book is a compilation of 150 fascinating photos, culled from more than 45,000 shots the former astronaut took in space.

Spaceman guitarWhile taking the photographs from way up in the cosmos, Commander Hadfield had a very clear sense that – given his unique position – he was acting as the eyes of humanity.

For that reason, he sees the photos as belonging to everybody and decided not to profit from the book.

Easy choice

He told The Irish Times newspaper: “It makes sense to share it. My wife and I talked about it and we thought the Red Cross was a wonderful charity. It was easy.

“I just wanted the money to go a reliable good cause that helps with the quality of the standard of living of people around the world.”

Well said, that spaceman.

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