Want to get ‘one up’ on that friend planning a six-minute mile at the London Marathon? Or outdo your mate who’s climbing yet another mountain? Here are some ways to stand out from the crowd.

There are loads of fun ways to raise money for Red Cross Week (3-9 May). You could shake a collection tin or bake some cakes, hold a bingo night or sign up to a walk.

Whatever you do, it’ll make a massive difference to people in need.

1) Dress up as your diva of choice

Gaga pic

Last year, Mick spent the day looking like Lady Gaga – and raised more than a grand for his efforts. Any takers for Kim Kardashian, this time?

2) Face your biggest fear

Snakeholder girl pic

Erin is petrified of stakes, but still didn’t back out of holding one (and standing still for this photo that proves it). We think her face says it all. How could you test your limits?

3) Confirm your pet’s the cutest

Pet show pic

Of course, nothing could be as adorable as Tess the pug or Charlie the rescue ginger. But why not run a pet competition – virtual or, you know, In Real Life – just to make sure? This contender in Nottingham raised loads of life-saving bucks.

4) Decide it’s time for a road trip
© Matt Edwards

© Matt Edwards

These guys said goodbye to Manchester and the daily commute, and instead drove 2,000 miles to Albania in a Ford Tourneo (called Marvin, apparently). Where would you go?

5) Let your hair down

Dreadlocks pic

Had that haircut for a while? Looking for a change? Jules lopped off an incredible three feet of dreadlocks to raise money for us. Come on: would you really look that bad if you shaved it all off? (It grows back.)

6) Take a bath in your favourite toast topping

Baked beans pic

Debra spent five hours in a tub of baked beans, in the window of a Red Cross shop. She even dressed up for the occasion. We’d maybe skip trying this in Marmite, though.