We’re halfway through Red Cross Week – and as usual you’re blowing us away with your passion and creativity as you raise lots of life-saving cash.

Here are just some of the things you’ve been up to for Red Cross Week. You’re certainly keeping our Twitter feed busy with some ‘interesting’ photos…

Blink and you’ll miss it

Take this weeping angel, the stuff of nightmares. We reckon it’s safe to drop some money into the bucket if you run very fast and try not to blink. Who knew that Doctor Who villains were such a charitable bunch?

The ‘aah’ factor

Some of you know exactly how to lure people into giving money – just add kittens or babies into the mix, and watch those faces melt.

Dress to impress

As always, there’s been a lot of dressing up (any excuse). And it’s fair to say that some of the looks have worked better than others.

Ten sugars, please

Doing your bit for a good cause by powering through cake, smoothies and sweets always seems to be popular. Funny, that.

Join in with the fun

If you’re feeling inspired, there’s still time to get involved, donate some money or just spread the word.

What’s stopping you?