Truck-challenge-BLOGPeople have done all kinds of wacky things to raise money for the British Red Cross – but even for us, dragging a truck across a car park might just be a first.

Okay: so the skydiving 86-year-old granny was impressive. And that ‘human hamster’ chap who continuously ran around a track for 24 hours was something else.

But in terms of sheer implausibility, Dave Murray’s Herculean challenge – pulling a 16-ton truck for a back-breaking 60 yards – takes some beating.

On Sunday, the Dumfries strongman put his, ahem, shoulder to the wheel in a supermarket car park to raise money for the British Red Cross.

And the fact that the wheel in question was attached to a full-sized truck, with a driver inside, didn’t seem to faze him in the slightest.

Keep on trucking

Before a crowd of dazzled onlookers, Dave put on a special harness and rope, gritted his teeth and started pulling.

The 47-year-old said: “Sixteen tons is a lot of truck to shift, but I knew once I got into my stride I’d keep going.

“To be honest, it wasn’t that difficult once I got the thing moving: I just had to focus and picture myself pulling the truck.”

Truck-challenge-feeling-strain-BLOGHe added: “Having said that, I’ve no immediate plans to repeat the challenge.”

Obviously, dragging a massive vehicle from a standing start isn’t for everyone, and for the wrong person could result in some serious osteopath bills. But Dave relied on his specialist training as a karate black belt to complete the challenge safely.

Fundraising drive

The big man chose the Red Cross because, as a first aid volunteer with the organisation, he sees first-hand all the good work it does every week.

He said: “This challenge was my contribution to Red Cross Week, our annual UK-wide fundraising drive. It really is a great cause.

“The Red Cross does a huge amount of terrific work here in Scotland and across the UK, and of course all over the world.”

Truck-challenge-holding-cheque-BLOGHe added: “I know the money I raise will help fund even more important work, which makes it all worthwhile.”

Big Dave’s big effort has already brought in more than £2,000, but if you’d also like to make a donation it would be very welcome.

And the next time you go shopping and frown at the prospect of dragging all those heavy bags across the car park, just remember: at least it’s not a truck.

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There’s still time to raise money for Red Cross Week.