Stomp British Red Cross

STOMP started as a British street show in 1991. Two decades later, its dancers tour around the globe to packed-out audiences. For one night only, you can see them in Dance Power – and they say that you’re in for a treat.

On October 11, Dance Power will light up London’s West End with stars and dance legends from around the world. Hosted by Strictly Come Dancing star Anton du Beke, the exciting show will include Paco Pena, the Red Hot Chilli Pipers and the cast of STOMP.

Even if you’ve never seen STOMP on stage, you’ve almost certainly heard of them. They manage to find creative ways of using everyday items, such as brooms, dustbins and washing machines, to drum fast-paced beats. It’s a special mix of theatre, dance and comedy.

They took part in our first-ever Dance Power, 16 years ago – and they’re ready to do it all over again for 2015. Below is a little sneak preview of what to expect, courtesy of cast members Rob and Andrew…

Just what is the secret to STOMP’s success?

Andrew: “It’s a fun show and it’s always changing. Also, there’s no language barrier, as we don’t use dialogue. So many tourists come along to our London show, as English isn’t their first language. But everyone speaks this. It’s just rhythm. It’s exciting.”

Rob: “The aesthetic is quite industrial. It’s what drives the music and percussion. We play everything you see on stage. It looks great and hopefully sounds great, too.

“Lots of people also say they didn’t expect the show to be so funny. That’s what keeps audiences coming back.”

Does the crowd join in?

Andrew: “The show’s interactive, so the audience definitely gets involved as well.”

Rob: “This show is all about breaking the fourth wall. Andy plays Sarge, the role that holds the whole thing together. He gets the audience ready and takes you through that journey. By the end of the show, the idea is that everyone will have picked up some complex rhythms.”

Andrew: “The crowd tends to work together. It’s not divided, which is really strange. Eventually everyone gets the rhythm and picks it up – some are just quicker than others.”

Andrew, left, and Rob, right

Andrew, left, and Rob, right

What can we expect from you in Dance Power 2015?

Andrew: “We’ll be doing a routine using props from the show, but it will be done a bit differently. So, even if you’ve seen our show before, it doesn’t matter. We have people who’ve seen us ten times, but it’s always different. We rotate roles all the time and there’s a lot of improvisation.

“It will be fun to bring some of that to Dance Power – and nice to do it for a good cause.”

Rob: “Really, it’s not the kind of experience you can put in print. You’ve just got to come and see it.”