Mina Mondol at a community meeting in Bangladesh

On a typical day, Dr Sindy Newman sees patients, provides clean water for families in Bangladesh, feeds women refugees in the UK and sets up tents in freezing Mongolia. Then she has lunch.

How can one woman achieve all this in a morning? Well, Sindy is a member of our women-only fundraising group: the Tiffany Circle.

Sindy became the group’s first chair when it began in 2012. Since then, Tiffany Circle members have helped people across the world by funding a whole range of projects.

Sindy explained why she leapt at the chance to join the group.

Portrait photo of British Red Cross Tiffany Circle member Dr Sindy Newman

Dr Sindy Newman

“I established my career as a doctor, and I wanted to help alleviate suffering in other ways,” she said.

“By the time I heard about the Tiffany Circle I had realised that being with like-minded people was the only way to bring about effective change.

“I knew that women who understood the importance of the work of the Red Cross would unite to make this a success. I immediately put myself forward to be chair.”

“Since the launch of the British Tiffany Circle, not only have we raised £1.4 million but the Circle has attracted some of the most remarkable women I have ever met. They understand how vital the work of the Red Cross is.”

The money raised by Tiffany Circle members has helped women and their families cope with the crises you don’t hear about in news headlines. The members have funded projects in the UK, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Somalia, Bangladesh, Kenya and Timor-Leste.

‘Women bring an extra dimension’

“Women have a distinct approach to philanthropy that is driven by creating sustainable change for the future of our children,” said Sindy.

“They bring an extra dimension that enables them to meet the huge challenges for global welfare.

“My mother and grandmother would have been thrilled to know that the women of today can make such a significant contribution to our global future.

“I really feel that the struggles of past generations of women have enabled us to become who we are today.

“This International Women’s Day I will be celebrating the fact that so many women now have more opportunities to make a difference through employment.

“This status empowers them to provide better living standards and education for their families.”

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This blog is the second in a series for International Women’s Day