Video: building healthy futures in Sierra Leone

Poor sanitation and a lack of access to clean drinking water mean communities in Sierra Leone are vulnerable to preventable diseases.

Nestled between Guinea and Liberia, the West Africa nation also has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world: an estimated one in 23 women will die from pregnancy-related causes.

This video, produced by the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society, explains how the Red Cross is working with communities to save lives.


Ready to go back home?

Hospital-bed-older-ladyOur hospitals provide vital care to elderly and vulnerable patients – but many are then discharged too early and soon start to struggle.

The ongoing care crisis in this country broadened its reach this week, when the Government’s own chief adviser on carers found herself struggling under its impact.

Dame Philippa Russell felt moved to contact a national newspaper after witnessing the distressing experience of a close male relative who had suffered a stroke. More

Every crisis is personal

At the British Red Cross we believe that every crisis is personal.

A crisis can be a catastrophic event like the recent typhoon in the Philippines, which destroyed livelihoods and buildings.

Or it can be much smaller – like a woman stranded at home because she doesn’t have the confidence to get out and about after an illness.

A crisis can happen to anyone at any time. It doesn’t matter to us how big a crisis is or how many people it affects. What matters is that someone needs our help. More

Planes, trains and automobiles: the history of the Red Cross ambulance

A horse-drawn ambulance

A horse-drawn ambulance, 1870

From horse-drawn wagons to first aid motorbikes, the British Red Cross has embraced every innovation in emergency transport over the last 150 years. 

Original ambulances run on horse-power

The first British Red Cross ambulances were used in 1870, during the Franco-Prussian war, just two months after the organisation was founded. The wooden horse-drawn wagons could carry up to six casualties at a time.

Assistant surgeon G.W. McNalty reported that: “The traction appeared to be excellent and the wounded who were carried declared that they found the motion very easy, but when the wagon only contained one or two persons there was too much spring in it.”


How the Red Cross eases burden on hospitals

Support-at-home-lady-BLOGAs rising admissions among the elderly push many hospitals to breaking point, our volunteers are providing a lifeline for patients returning to empty homes.

Put yourself in Elizabeth’s* shoes.

You are an elderly pensioner. You were mugged recently and broke your shoulder. You’re just now being discharged from hospital. You still feel a bit shaky, if you’re honest. You’re going back to an empty house. You have no family living nearby. There’s no fresh milk in the fridge. You’re a bit nervous about the journey home.

In such a case, it’s likely you’d also be pleased to see Francesca Dawkes.


Young Syrian refugees feel guilty for leaving

Red Cross worker speaks to teenagers in Jordan

Malla, Ibrahim (BRC)

Ea Suzanne Akasha is based in Lebanon. Here she describes her work with young refugees as a Red Cross psychosocial delegate. 

“I got out of the car and stood for some moments, to look back at my once beautiful and now destroyed city,” says Tamara, a 21-year-old Syrian refugee, describing the moment when she had to flee her home town.  More

Photos: Red Crescent vaccinates children against polio

As part of a national campaign, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent is vaccinating children in areas of Syria that the government cannot access. Red Crescent volunteers have been immunising children up to five years old against polio, mumps, measles and rubella.

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