Training for a Disaster – Monday


Practice makes perfect as the saying goes and that is applicable when it comes to disaster response. So with that in mind, I’m writing this from the ‘comfort’ of my tent by torch light in a field in near Bristol. As one of the facilitators, I arrived last night in the lashing rain and the dark dressed in wellies and a waterproofs not relishing the thought of having to put up the tent that would be my home for the coming week. I can’t quite put into words the sheer happiness and elation I felt when I peered into the misty darkness and could just make out the faint outline of my tent. JC our warehouse manager had taken pity on us and had put up a tent for each of us! More

Monday Movement update #16


Man carrying bags and boxes of relief suppliesHere’s your weekly update on what different members of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement* are doing.

Mongolia floods diary: A Red Cross worker in Mongolia is keeping a diary after severe flooding killed at least 24 people.

Pakistan: The Pakistan Red Crescent and the Federation are distributing relief to families who fled fighting in North-West Frontier Province, like 23-year-old Akhtar Ali (pictured), who said: “We did not even find the time to take an extra clothes with us and families have been sharing essential items with us. Now we have things of our own thanks to the Pakistan Red Crescent who have helped us out in these difficult times.”


A peer what?


Explaining the concept of ‘peer education’ to people can be difficult at first! Maybe it’s the word, I’m not quite sure. My standard answer is “young people teaching other young people lifesaving skills”. This is definitely the heart of the idea, young people engaging with other young people.

However, I don’t think that this simple explanation does justice to the tireless work of British Red Cross peer educators throughout the UK.

Gunther von Hagens gets the first aid bug


So, your starter for ten. What links:

1. The British Red Cross.
2. A fully-grown plastinated giraffe sliced in half from nose to genitalia.
3. An eccentric German doctor in a black hat.

The answer, which you no doubt have already guessed, is the latest Bodyworlds exhibition by Dr Gunther von Hagens, currently showing at the O2 Bubble in London (which now has a 2 for 1 offer available). The British Red Cross is the main charity partner for the venture.

But why, you may ask, is our esteemed organisation getting involved with such a controversial fedora fancier and giraffe-botherer as Dr von Hagens? More

Help! (I need ten bodies)


This will be the first of many blog entries to open with an apology for the delay in posting due to workload colossalism. It’d help me out if you could find it charming. And forgive the occasionally made up word like ‘colossalism’. The reason for the delay this week: volunteer crisis strikes medical equipment department in Glasgow!


My special days of the week


The Refugee Unit opened a Monday Club social drop-in where we relax in the afternoon and spend social time with clients. I am part of a group My special days of the week of volunteers who runs the Monday Club. This is what happens………

Monday Club afternoons are fantastic afternoons. Many of our service users come to socialise. They are all from different backgrounds. They make friendships, learn English, play games or teach others games from their home countries.

After preparing tea and snacks, we all sit together on one big table and have something to eat before we start doing different activities. I love times like these when we feel relaxed and do not have to talk about work, just enjoy ourselves for a few hours like one big family. More

Stay safe at parties


Ah, the glorious British summer is upon us. Well, occasionally, at least.

What do you like to do in the summertime? Personally, I enjoy going to music festivals (Glastonbury being a permenant fixture), doing lots of walking, having as many barbeques as I can, and partying in general.

But parties often bring accidents. And accidents often require first aid. More