Sanitation tests my sanity


My ‘facilities’ have been driving me crazy lately. Firstly, my boiler packs up and I’m telling you now I’m not a cold shower person. No problem I think, I’ve been paying my monthly insurance fee for just such an occasion for years – now it’s time for some payback. Except it’s not – I’m told my boiler is so decrepit there’s nothing they can do I just need to buy a new boiler, which will cost me £1,600! Ouch. Don’t they know I’m a charity worker? I decide to cancel my insurance and the guy on the phone points out that this may be a bit risky. I don’t care, I’m too mad right now.

Then the drain that serves the apartment above me gets blocked. It’s been like that for weeks and nasty smelling stuff is spilling over to the area outside my kitchen window. Anyone for afternoon tea?

Man drinking water from tap

I’m ashamed to say I spent the whole weekend whingeing but luckily for my family and friends when I came to work on Monday morning I got a bit of a reality check. More

Monday Movement update #7


Here’s your weekly update on what different members of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement* are doing.

A woman and baby in Mexico wear face masks

Swine flu: More than 100 people are thought to have died from swine flu in Mexico and cases have been reported in the USA and Canada. The British Red Cross has announced it’s ready to respond if there’s a large scale outbreak in the UK.

Sri Lanka conflict: As fighting continues to devastate civilians and the medical services in Sri Lanka, the ICRC has again reminded both parties to the conflict of their obligation to comply with international humanitarian law in all circumstances. More

I can dress a plastic baby


baby resuscitation manikin and bagIt’s true. You didn’t read that wrong. Last night I discovered how to dress a plastic baby.

Picture the scene. A warm, sunny spring evening. A group of Red Cross volunteers descend on their local centre for their regular Wednesday meeting. But this isn’t any normal Red Cross meeting – this week they got to clean Annies.

“What’s an Annie?” I hear you say. Well, they’re every first aid trainer’s plastic friends, resuscitation manikins designed to help people learn how to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, or CPR for short. More

The mind is a wonderful thing…


“The mind is a wonderful thing, it can set you free from social and material circumstance, it can empower you and it can define you, but it can also do the complete opposite”

A: Alzheimer’s.

What made me chose dementia as the topic for my first blog? Well until last week, I am ashamed to say, I had made huge (and mostly wrong) assumptions of the disease and the effect it has on both the person suffering and their families.

It all started with service user who arrived at our medical equipment service to collect a wheelchair for a relative (we’ll call her Lady X).


Tweeting from Zimbabwe


Ina Bluemel

Last week I told you a bit about our Twitter stream and how we’re using it to help the public understand what goes on behind the scenes at Red Cross projects.

This week I wanted to let you know about our latest ‘tweature’ (okay, I told my manager I wouldn’t use it, but I can’t help myself).

Ina Bluemel is a hygiene promotion officer working in Zimbabwe to make sure people know how to prevent the spread of cholera. She’s using Twitter to keep us up to date about the work she’s doing there. More